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The Patriot Act is a law approved on 11th September, 2001 by the USA Congress. The Act was enacted into law by George W. Bush, the former President of the U.S (Grabianowski, 2013). Its full official heading was Uniting and Strengthening America By Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 (Grabianowski, 2013). The Act is divided into ten parts.  Its main objectives were to increase the powers of law enforcement organizations and reinforce domestic security (Stefoff, 2011).

Aims of the Act

The major aims of the Act are to dissuade and penalize terrorist acts in the U. S and around the globe (Grabianowski, 2013). Secondly, it was approved to improve law enforcement investigatory tools (Stefoff, 2011). It was also approved to strengthen U.S. measures to stop, detect and put on trial global currency laundering and financing of terrorism (Grabianowski, 2013).

Additionally, the law was approved to reinforce measures and to avert the exercise of the state’s financial systems for personal gain by corrupt foreign and also to ease repatriation of stolen assets to the citizens of nations to whom such assets belong (DOJ, 2013). It was also approved to scrutinize foreign financial institutions, classes of international transactions and foreign jurisdictions (Grabianowski, 2013). 

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Merits of the Act

The Act was important due to the fact that it permitted investigators to use the apparatus that were previously accessible to investigate planned drug trafficking and crime (DOJ, 2013). This was made possible since it allows law enforcement to use scrutiny against further crimes of terror.  Similarly, the act enabled investigators to assemble information especially while looking into a variety of terrorism related crimes such as chemical weaponry offenses, killing Americans abroad, use of weaponry of group obliteration and terror campaign financing (DOJ, 2013).

The Act moreover allows national agents to pursue complicated terrorists by use communication devices like cell phones (DOJ, 2013). This Act additionally allows law enforcement officials to carry out investigations without tipping off the terrorists beforehand (Stefoff, 2011). On the other hand, the Act allows national agents to request the courts of law for a need to attain commerce records in state security terrorism issues (DOJ, 2013).

The Act has facilitated distribution of information and cooperation amongst administration agencies.  Consequently, that they can enhance the connection dots (DOJ, 2013). It has detached the main lawful barriers that prohibited the law enforcement, intelligence and defense community from coordinating their wok to defend the American people. The Act has modernized the law to reflect innovative technologies and new terrorization since it allows law enforcement officials to attain a search merit anywhere a terrorist related action has occurred (DOJ, 2013). It also allows fatalities of computer hacking to demand law enforcement aid in scrutinizing the criminals on their computers.

 The Act greatly increased the punishments for those obligate terrorists crimes. This was achieved by first prohibiting the harboring of terrorists who have consigned or are about to obligate various terrorists crimes (DOJ, 2013). Secondly, the Act improved the insufficient penalties for diverse offenses probably to be committed by terrorists such as demolition of energy amenities, demolition of federal defense equipment and arson among others. Lastly, the Act also punishes the bioterrorists and terrorists attacks on group transit systems (DOJ, 2013).

Methods used to Address Religious Bias in the War against Terror

One of the methods used in the war against terror is diplomacy. This is because many Muslims view the war against terror as war against Islam. In this regard, a number of fundamentalists use this loophole to rally support against the war by invoking jihad. In this way, the best way to religiously engage the war against terror is by employing diplomacy to encourage the extremists to tone down on their extremism. Interrogation methods have also been used by the American forces in places such as Cuba and Iraq. They believed that U.S. forces acted unethically on them (DOJ, 2013).


The U.S. government’s achievement in preventing the disastrous attack in America from 11th September 2001 would have been complicated devoid of the Act. The Congress authorities given have significantly improved the ability to investigate, prevent and prosecute the terror acts. 


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