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It is not a guarantee that everyone loves their gender. People who are not content with their sexuality opt for a medical procedure referred to as sex reassignment. The procedure is done to change the person’s gender from male to female and vice-versa. They are referred to as transgender (Trimarchi, 2012). Gender disorder is common among people who have been born with both organs and they are not content with their physical appearance. Several inmates who have this disorder have protested that they have been denied the right to protection against punishment that is cruel and unusual. A debate has been raised as to whether these inmates should be entitled to their constitutional rights related to this case or not.

This medical procedure has been avoided by the federal government since it is considered elective. The inmate is also exposed to sexual assault from his fellow inmates and cruelty in prison. However the main reason as to why the prison department is denying this surgery is due to fear of scorn, controversy and ridicule (Lavoie, 2012). The surgery is also considered to be expensive and a burden to the taxpayers. Regardless of this, the inmates still claim that they are entitled to protection by the law and that their rights should no longer be violated.

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This adamant decision by the federal government has caused some inmates to have psychological problems. In reference to the case of Robert Kosilek, an inmate convicted of murder, the decision affected him. Robert wanted to commit suicide on two occasions and also castrate himself. Robert was not pleased with his sexuality and he wanted to change it. The desperate urge to become a woman saw him exposed to these risky situations and unethical behavior. Kosilek sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction in relation to this matter. The judge ruled that he be entitled to treatment and a surgery was exempted. He was not content and sued the department again arguing that surgery was a necessity.

The pro sex reassignment surgeries argue that the surgery is as important as any other medical surgery demanded by the inmates. The surgery is however expensive and it is considered unnecessary and most of the insurance companies do not take cover for it. Kosilek argued that all the needs of the inmates should be met and that the surgery was as important as any other (Lavoie, 2012). His desire was granted and he now serves his sentence as a female in a male prison. She is now called Michelle Kosilek. This is the kind of confusion the department was trying to avoid.

The article about Kosilek is informative and an eye opener concerning gender exchange. In my view, the writer is in support of gender exchange. She concludes that Michelle is content with her new appearance. She gives us the reasons as to why the act is condemned and why it is also approved. The author explains the both sides, this makes it more informative. It also gives the stand of the federal government and the views of the inmates.

Gender change is necessary for people who are not content with their physical appearance. It is a disorder that is expensive to treat and elective, but this does not make it to be ignored. Inmates are entitled to their constitutional rights and they should not be neglected in any medical procedure. Michelle Kosilek is a living example of how the disorder can affect a person’s life. The prison’s department should incorporate this new demand by the inmates; it is a need to be met to ensure that the constitutional rights are implemented and no one is subject to cruelty.


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