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In today’s society there are many contributors to how people live and relate. Many social changes have been accelerated due to various factors which range from changing family values to technological changes. Sometimes in our society there is a blame game where parents would say that teachers are to blame because they with children most of the time and teachers in turn will claim that charity must begin at home and therefore parents have a bigger role than anybody else. Many others may blame the revolution and the change in technology. There are many but all depend on the reception and the perception of the people. In this essay, youth violence is analyzed, carefully looking into the roles the family or parents are playing against violence, technology advancement and also the role of teachers.

Youth Violence

There are different forms of violence in every society perpetrated by mainly the youth. And then the gender issue props up on who are these youths who perpetrate the violence, girls or boys. It is not a coincidence that boys are the most violent and they are the ones who commit various types of violence. Some of the common acts of violence include; gang violence which has been the main crime across many cities for a long time, gun use which has been horrific even in schools and colleges, racial harassment, bullying, rape and gender violence among others.
It has been psychologically detrimental to many people as violence is escalating every passing day. There are many presumed causes of violence and some depend on the kind of crime committed, for instance, in some cases the cause of rape may not be the cause of racial harassment and the cause of gang violence is not the cause of gun use, et cetera. On the other hand, there are main causes of these kinds of violence or acceleration of violence which include; the change of social status or interruption of social stratum as (Zimring…43) observes that, “parents and or families have lost touch in upbringing their children and proper social standards are declining because there is no time for our children hence fair policies should be formulated to regulate the use of mass media in general”; there has been a culture of violence through action movies or videos, when there is instability in a country, armed and unarmed conflicts in the society and the technological advancements.
However, in many occasions it has been observed that boys/ young men are more violent that girls/young women. Young people who show signs of or exhibit violent acts have their behavior tracked back to their childhood, which is many of them had been mistreated, neglected, bullied, lack of parental love and guidance. Therefore, these youths tend to have negative thought towards people. Class in society is another cause of violence especially gang violence, gun attacks and bullying. Class is associated with status in society for instance, between the poor and the rich, like the black people are associated with poverty and a lower rank in society and hence they are less human compared with the white people. This generates an idea that violence differ from one country to another and a good example is the violent acts that are committed in developed countries openly differ from developing countries for example it is very rare to find rape cases in America or the united compared to poor countries like Asian and African countries. Moreover, there are other causes of violence like unemployment whereby many youths are idle and are engaging in acts of violence like using guns to earn a living. There has and there is a blame game among people in the society, teachers are blaming parents that they are not doing their part to help them or teach their children good manners or behaviors. In the other way round parents are blaming teachers that they have failed to guide their children properly for the reason that they spent more time with them. Generally, people are blaming the government of not providing employment opportunities for the youth which has backfired by seeing many youths abusing drugs and engaging in violent acts which include using crude weapons. It is believed that charity begins at home and which is indeed the truth, therefore parents must play the main role of properly upbringing their children by even looking out to what internet is exposing to them. Parents must regulate and advice their children or young ones accordingly on what is right and wrong for them as (Howse, Hugh and Marshall…160) note that, “we should recapitulate our own upbringing, sometimes by bringing up our children the way we were brought up, sometimes seeking to compensate for what we feel went wrong with our own childhood”.
Government or authorities should also pass stringent laws to regulate the kinds of videos, DVDs or movies young people watch. And also it is the sole responsibility of leaders in any society to provide job opportunities to the youths to control or else prevent many crimes; they (leaders) should also regulate the use of and carrying of guns which will ensure guns are not used irresponsibly. With all these in place, then teachers will have a humble time to train and equip the youth with life enhancement skills. Teachers will have a humble time for the youth when parents and other family members play a major role in healthfully upbringing the youth.


It is the responsibility of every responsible grown up person in society to play part in properly upbringing children or youth. Parents will play the main role form home; teachers will promote parents’ instructions in school and the government to monitor and assist both teachers and parents to nurture non violent culture in society.

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