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A rose for Emily is a unique short story which was written by an author from the United States called William Faulkner. It is one of the moving short story which were published in is a story that is based on a setting of the author's city which is fictional in nature referred as Jefferson, in the county which also does not exist in real life referred to as yoknapatawpha based in Mississippi. According to other sources, this story was the William's first work to emerge in the national magazine. It is a short story that is five parts which use narration since it is told by the people of the author's fictions city. It is recorded in first person plural. This can be told by the extensive use of the word 'we'.According to the author he uses the title, a rose for Emily due to symbolic deaths that do occur extensively in the story. He refers the title as allegorical one which implies that the woman who everybody would hand a rose due to the tragedy which she has gone through. She has had irreversible disaster. This implies that no one could do anything about the situation that Emily was in.

This story can be referred as more than a story that can be termed as being horror more than the author intended it to be. Going by what narrator of the story implies, William's develops a pattern that is irregular with the narrative being unsettling chronologically. This has facilitated in developing the effects that are horrific and which eventually brings an ending that is frightening this is an amazing story since even when answering to the questions posed by students from Virginia University, he also refers it as a ghost story in about 1950. From the scholarly perspective, the story itself is diverse and harbours so much wealth and complexity and can also be termed literary in very many phases and therefore we are not limited to classify this as a horror story. In spite of this story is a terror story which has many enthralling narration techniques which encourages the reader to explore.The whole story revolves around deaths and other sort of images that are horrifying. William introduces the story in a horrifying manner by indicating the death of Emily; this automatically places the idea or the thought of death or horrific themes in the mind of the reader. He also uses the word skeleton to explain her condition at the moment when she is visited in order to sort issues concerning her tax payment. This implies that Emily was nearly death from the description given that she looked as if she had been submerged in the water that is not flowing and which is whitish(Faulkner).

The author also employs the use of sensual devices in the story. This basically contributes to increasing the sense of horror in the story and by so doing, William, saturates the story with horror. The smell outlined in the story of the Barron's fuming corpse. There is also a description of the Emily house that helps s the reader to visualize and prepare his mind for the macabre physical environment. The author vividly, describes the same as a house that smelled dust and neglect, it had a close, moist smell. In the death of homer or her bridal chamber, William describe a smell that was there as the one that is found in a tomb. These death images and decay, that is of physical nature, acts as a vital setting in preparing the reader for the worst- the final image that is quite horrifying. This has brought more effectiveness by how the time has been twisted by the authors.The constant use of ever shifting landscape, which is temporal helps in creating confusion and a sense of tension to the reader. The specific arrangement of proceedings in the life of Emily is puzzling to understand from the narrative as it now and then jumps around amid diverse situations in her history. Preoccupation with time is quite evident as each section begins, it except the previous one. It also has some parts that quickly jump from one period of her life to another. This causes the suspense to increase which is very vital in bringing out this story as a horror story.Time is clearly referenced as in as the story open the word 'when' is what captures the eye of the reader. The end of the paragraph one is when the reader realizes Emily is a lonely woman who has lived in that house for a period of ten years without receiving even a single visitor. This portrays that she has been disillusioned and withdrawn from the society. In fact the first page references to thirty years with the following decades: seventies, period of the civil war, and the year 1894 period. These chronological incidents that the author reference is followed by some other points that reference the incidents in another period. This is quite common in the beginning of most sections.

It is also notable that Emily's conflicts brings more changes to Jefferson compared to their impact to her. Here, the author tends to bring out the conflict between those who read the story and the temporal flow of the story that is confusing. It can be deduced therefore, that the intention of the author is to bring about confusion in the mind of the reader between time and how it progresses mathematically.The sequential confusion in the story viewed as if it was for structural purposes, it spice up the projected horrifying effect to the reader to the end of the story by putting the reader in a state of restrained puzzlement and uneasiness. In addition contributing to the terror sequentially is the fact that Emily's acquisition of the arsenic cannot be viewed provisionally as a tool to attack Homer the same way when she purchased rat poison. Even though the reader has experienced variation in the time line of the story, he or she cannot be able to relate the rat poison with Homer since the process of buying of the poison is mixed in the event whirl. This brings an important surprise of the horrifying picture of Homer who was poisoned long time ago as a corpse and his death was probably by poisoning(Inge).regardless of its numerous fictional advantages, which makes it to go beyond the structures of the style of the normal "horror story" type, "A Rose for Emily" is in very several manners a cautiously designed and well thought of "ghost story," intended to generate expectancy and an consequences of climactic terror. Going by the words of Ray , "All that has preceded has equipped us by fabricating a universal tone of anonymity, apprehension, rotting, etc." undoubtedly the chronological outline and unsystematic sequential jumping's of this storyline affixes to the appalling nature of this story as well, by placing the reader 'on the periphery of their place.'(West)


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