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The classic play “A Doll’s House” by Henrick Ibsen is indeed a piece of work that concentrates on feminine issues in the Victorian era. There is a perception that the work builds in the mind of the reader that this play is a tale of straggle by everywoman directed towards everyman. This is depicted through the main character Nora Helmer’s fight and struggle for independence.

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Nora’s existence in a patriarchal community has restricted her to some roles in society. Her roles are restricted to those of a mother and wife. She does not have any opportunity to explore and experience life in her own. She does not understand the business her husband is does. The society is man dominated, and, therefore, Nora develops a strategy to survive, she uses manipulation to get whatever she wants from her husband. She has learned how to coax her husband into giving her whatever she wants. It is not only her husband Torvald, but also her male friend Dr. Rank. She does not associate with Rank intentionally to cheat on her husband, but as the only way she knows best to deal with men; cruelty. This dates back to her days in his father’s house also in his husband’s house. All the money she wittily extorts from her husband are spent on her children. This depicts her as a responsible wife and mother.

Ibsen depicts Nora as a woman who masks her predicaments. This is shown in the way she brags about the success of her husband’s success to her friend Linda. No doubt Nora is an apt reflection of a woman who cannot be deterred by the status of the man dominated society to achieve anything in life.  Nora’s decision to leave her family is risky but the way the playwright displays the strong character of Nora, she can survive on her own. She is witty and can use are feminine attraction to get anything in life. Ibsen portrays that the societal.

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