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Among Bradbury best-recognized novels, is the one titled Fahrenheit 451. This tries to tell us of the future of a society largely without books and education. It explores the fantasy world. However, the argument outlined is for the good of all people as it is a true cultural document. In this book, there is the feeling of suppression and condemnation of imaginative literature. In the other instance, the book views the transformation of technological progress as being an irrelevant in solving human issues. This begs the question, is the following society described in Bradbury similar or not to our world today?

When looking at the issue of censorship, Bradbury tells us what might happen if we allow government take control. Take the case of the government as portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 whereby books ought to be burnt. This is giving the harshest degree of censorship. Fire is seen as a destructive agent. In addition, it acts as a tool of murder. As per Fahrenheit 451, the books and people have fallen victim.This is seen in one of the conversation between Montag and Faber. Faber asserts that it is not the books that they want but the contents. The citizens in Fahrenheit 451 have no idea of what is happening in their world. As a result, there is propaganda and the entire city destroyed.

In terms of technology, the books try to point out is irrelevant. This is in a conversation between Montag and his wife. They are in wrangles yet they have the relevant technology designed to make their life better. However, this technology does not work in their favor. The wife is very sad but she cannot say it. Although she watches her family on TV but within, she is not fine. This clearly shows that in today’s world, people need closest task. The issue of taking a book and analysis is no longer relevant anymore.

It is worth noting that the dystopian group is not able to express personal release. This is seen when Clarisse and another unidentified female go away(Bloom67). Through this occurrence, we learn that the people who practice personal freedom end up dying. Another person, Millie, also die. Her death is mainly due to exercising social conformity. This is similar to today’s society as suicide occurrences occur very often. Captain Beatty’s death is an act of freedom. The clash of personal space is very crucial in this book. This is the case as it shows what happens when man is denied the option to use his thoughts.

The book portrays Clarisse as an individual who is in failing to fit in. This is because she is also aware of the truth. (Bradbury 55)Her knowledge is a strong support to her awareness. Take the case where says that she is unfriendly; she cannot mix. She finds it very difficult to interact with her peers due to her education. In today’s society, a child who is more knowledgeable than the peers is a geek. Others are referred to as freaks. Well, they thus end up finding it difficult to make friends. Their function and value to the society is therefore negligible if any. Due to Clarisse upbringing, the rest of the community neglects their children. This in turn limits her purpose in the society.

As portrayed in the book, there is a sense of negligence. (Bradbury 35)People take their vehicles fast not caring about the possibility they may cause. Violence is considered as entertainment. Similarly, in the world today people choose to spend an immoral life. Be it moving from one place to another, one prefers to operate at top notch speed. The roads on the other hand are good. In the book, the burning of books is portrayed as a move that should be tolerated. The firefighter’s executives have no mercy on their victims. In fact, to them they are just exercising the job responsibilities. This is irrespective of the harm it causes their victims.

There is also a relationship between Bradbury world and our people. This is noted from the character Montag who is in the midst of a personal crisis. He tries to find meaning and fulfillment in his life. As many people in today’s society try to find fulfillment in life. The careers they pursue do not seem to add value to them. This leads to most of them changing careers now and then. Through Montag’s struggles to find his identity, we learn that knowledge is important.

In conclusion, Bradbury's fictional world is set at a point when books have been outlawed. The intellectuals are looked down. The society we live in today is not by far different from the one portrayed in the book. Issues such lack of respect for books takes center stage in most people. The reading culture is practiced. The book too has tackled the issue of government control, which is crucial in our world today. Unfortunately, people in our society have let go of their past historical teaching. Overall, even in a fast-paced world, the book portrays that there are people who are unhappy with the current system. This is through looking at characters such as Granger, Faber and Montag. In addition, the book concludes by giving us hope.


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