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1. The Creature:

a. Is the Creature inherently evil, innocent or neutral? How do goodness and/or evil become a part of his character?

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In the book Frankenstein, the character of the monster becomes inherently evil and bloodthirsty after developing hatred for victor. The monster seeks for revenge in its entire character. However, the monster several times good in the novel, for instance, it once saves a girl. The monster lacks faith in Frankenstein who created it (Mary 78).

b. Is the Creature aware of his evil behavior? Is he capable of feeling a sense of guilt?

The creature in the novel is aware of his behaviors; this is due to the fact that he turns evil after he is exposed to harsh conditions by its creator. In the beginning, the monster was born with human aspects of love, after being subjected to misery for being an outcast; it develops a sense of revenge. Therefore, the creature is aware of his behaviors (Mary 88).

c. In Chapter 10, the Creature refers to himself both as “Adam” and a “fallen angel.” What do these words reveal about how he sees his own guilt or innocence? 

By action of the monster comparing Frankenstein to God, the creature heaps charge for his evil actions on Frankenstein, telling him-off him for his careless failure to offer and deliver a sustaining environment to the creature and thus making it evil(Mary 112).

2. a. The original title page of the novel contains the following quotation:

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“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay

To mould me man? Did I solicit thee

From darkness to promote me?”

Which character do you think these words apply to and why?

These works would apply to Frankenstein due to the fact that he is the one who questions the existence of human beings and how they become to being in addition to how they wee created.

b. Consider the novel’s subtitle (“The Modern Prometheus”). Which character does it refer to and what does it suggest about this character?

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In the advanced descriptions of the Prometheus allegory, Prometheus makes man with clay and water. It is thus Frankenstein in the novel who is the modern Prometheus, designing his monster dead people’s parts. In addition, similar to the way the Prometheus was disciplined every day for theft of the secrets of the gods for human beings, Frankenstein was penalized by living in continuous fear of his monster's vengeance for the theft of the secret of existence from God (Mary 79)

3. Ultimately, both Frankenstein and the Creature embark on a journey of revenge. How does the idea revenge relate to goodness/evil? Is revenge always wrong? Do you see more justification for one or the other character’s behavior?

The idea of revenge relates to evil as it finally gives both of them  a constant link to the world they are put an end to for themselves, in addition, revenges is bad as it gives them a continuous connection to each other. Revenge turns out to be a distorted method of establishing a human bond with a different individual (Mary 98).

4. Who is the real monster of the novel, Frankenstein or the Creature? Explain your choice.

In the novel, Frankenstein is the real monster for designing a monster. He exceeded his limits in medicine by making this superhuman that was beyond his power; hence letting loose a monster. Frankenstein’s opinion on science can be misinterpreted and with this, he becomes more of a monster than an expert in science.

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