Writing is an art and has counted among the greatest gifts which the God has awarded to the mankind. Writing is the ability to pen down your thoughts on the paper. It is a skill which certainly makes a person influential and superior at others. Inevitably, the writing skill of every person is different from other because, it is a natural phenomenon that every person has different perceptions and different angles to think over a particular matter. The main prospective of this study is to pen down the fundamental to literature.

Literature is the art of written works. It literally translated, the word means "acquaintance with letters", and therefore, the academic study of literature is known as Letters. In Western culture the most basic written literary types include fiction and nonfiction.

The main prospective of literature is to pen down your thoughts on the piece of paper. Writing a story is not a piece of cake indeed. To write an effective story, there are certain points, which should be kept in mind like structuring and sketching the character in a plausible manner. Apart from that element one more element has a real dominance which is of using the ideas and work behind the story. A thorough description of the story is quite necessary to elaborate the readers comprehensively. The elements, we have just discussed are the best ones which certainly content the learning appetite of a person. The main thing which a person wants to get from his study is its understanding and applicability.

The story which we have chosen to describe is "A Story of An Hour" By "Kate Chopin" who was an American author of short stories and novels, mostly of a Louisiana Creole background.

Among her tremendous work, "The story of an Hour" is also a prominent one. In that story, she depicted the horrible scene happened with Mrs. Mallad during one hour. Her sister Josephine was the one, who took the brave step to apprise her sister regarding the death of her husband in a railroad disastrous accident. Josephine was well aware with the fact that her sister has a heart problem and to bear this news would be a spark of electricity for her. Josephine and her husband told this news to Mrs. Mallad politely and with immense care. Mrs. Mallad brought up herself, as she wept at once in her sister's arms and then quite. After this tragedy, she went alone in her room with a sorrow heart and grief. She sat with her head thrown back upon the pillow of the chair, quite stationary, unless a sob came up into her throat and shook her, as a child who has cried itself to slumber continues to sob in its dreams. The story was a real touchy one, which sketched the tragedy happened with Mrs. Mallad in an hour.

Now I want to identify those 2 elements which I have just mentioned earlier, which we have studies that these are quite important one while writing a story. Now check that the main characters of the story have been plotted in a reasonable fashion.

I have given a small background to mold the whole story in a short paragraph. The first element of defining the characters is duly fulfilled in this section. The second element is to elaborate the people in a sheer manner. In this short story, you can see that everything has been included, which is enough to apprise every person regarding the story. The discussion is enough to fulfill all the elements, we have discussed to understand a story.


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