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The speaker in the passage is someone beyond human life, could be a Holy Prophet or an angel of God. This is evident from the pronoun ‘We’ which begins with a capital letter indicating that the speaker is a being of higher authority than man. The speaker also talks of giving the Scriptures to Moses, sending apostles, and even given Jesus his supernatural nature. Such words could only be from God Himself or Angels in Heaven.

The passage is based on historical events, it speaks about the time of Moses, and how he was given the Scriptures to guide the life of men on earth. It also speaks of the apostles who came after Moses. This was the period when Israelites were led by men anointed by God himself. Leaders were chosen by God through prophets or received direct calling from God.

The issue discussed is the denial of the rightful word of God, Scriptures, by the unbelievers. They mistreated the prophets of God, and killed others because their teachings were against the kind of life they lived. The unbelievers deny acknowledging the book that confirms their own even though it has come from God.  

From the passage, the Holy Quran is believed to be the true word of God. It revelation is a confirmation of the Bible. Comparing the events in the passage to historical events the Bible is the first Holy Book to be written followed by the Holy Quran. Therefore, the speaker in the passage refers to the Quran as the Book that was sent to man by God.

The passage relates to the Muslim religious traditions, this is evident from the claim that the Holy Quran is the rightful message of God to mankind. The overall theme is the punishment that awaits unbelievers for denying the true Word of God.

The Dream

The passage is a narrative. It speaks about what will happen in future. The persona is a nephew or niece speaking to an aunt, Habiba, about the dream of becoming a magician. It appears to be a conversation based on how the passage begins. The two seem to agree on the thought of the persona becoming a magician. Other than narration, there is the use of simile, ‘like the young European…’ the persona compares focusing to the dream to how European girls hold their partners close.   

The persona speaks of cherishing words; this could mean the persona aims at achieving wisdom. The persona further claims to make the words cherished light up the nights. It means the persona will spread knowledge of religion, and use it to achieve the dream. The persona will stop at nothing to achieve the dream; this is evident where the persona claims to overcome distractions such as adolescence, and focus on the dream. This can be compared to the book ‘Tales of a harem girlhood’ whereby the girl had a dream to interact with the outside world which was inaccessible (Mernissi5)

The passage is based on an Islamic perspective. This is evident from the personas aunt, who has an Islamic name ‘Habiba’. The passage signifies the spread of the Islamic religion through the persona, who has intentions of being more than normal men. The persona believes religious knowledge will conquer both the strong and weak, winning them over. The persona believes it will be easy to accomplish the dream, and share it with everyone.      

Magicians are persons with supernatural abilities. The persona’s view of a magician is more than what a normal magician portrays. The persona wants to share the dream with people all over the world as claimed in the passage, ‘…share the dream…render frontiers useless’. The dream will not recognize any borders meaning the persona will not discriminate, but share it with whoever welcomes it. Just like the word of God which does not have specifics it welcomes believers and non-believers.


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