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The stories of No Name Woman and Girl identify the search for the identity of women in the society. In the No Name Woman the story begins with the narrator trying to search for her identity in conformity to the story of her aunt where the story ironically depicts the warning the narrator’s mother warned her never to tell anyone. But the narrator was not able to keep silent due to her concern with the exploration of her Chinese culture in history which she tries to reconcile with her American style. The narrator did this by listening to her mother and altering the stories to uncover then truth about her family in the Chinese past history.

In the Girl story, the narrator allow the readers in the glimpse of the strict and demanding manner by which children were reared in the past, which has been depicted by the commanding ton e of the story. The story displays the relationship that existed between the mothers and the girl child that reeks of empowerment and distance which is seen through the narration speech in the story showing the particular lessons by which the girl child was taught by their mothers. The mother in the Girl has to expect a great deal of her daughter although she does not let the girl child to know it as the story is composed of one sentence which is emanating from the mother giving a powerful message and demands to the girl. The beginning of the story is the mother’s commands for the daughter to perform tasks and the reluctant of the mother to talk gently which depicts the overwhelming control over her daughter as courtesy words are not used.

The narrator in the story no name woman is culturally based as talk stories as they ran like the story of no name woman which is used to test the strength of the girl that establish the realities which are similar to folktales. The stories usually involved the fantastic which were fused with real life events of magical qualities aspects that confused the narrator whereas making it inspiring. The No Name Woman story has provided an inroad in the discovery of the miseries of the narrator as it relates to the night her aunt gave birth to an illegitimate child, making the villagers to ransack their house destroying all the livestock and crops. This had lead to the no name woman to commit suicide as she had been shunned by her family.

The story of the No Name Woman has been used as a precautionary tale to detract the narrator from premarital sexual engagement as the mother feared the humiliation and death which served sufficiently in the determent of sexual promiscuity (Kingston). The explanation of the mother to her daughter in respect to her aunt was a transcendence of time and distance. This is due to the fact that her family was crippled by the acts of the no name woman in the social standing. The mother did not want her daughter to embarrass the family standing in the society which was a result that led them to migrate to America from china. This story was used as a code to pass the conduct and values that were proper to her daughter.

The narrator of the story does not have the full understanding of the tales and its importance during her first instances due to its confusing details, but she narrates the original tale creating the reason behind the suicide of the no name woman. She has the knowledge why her mother is concerned about premarital sex as the mother directly tells her the reason behind the story.

The story of No Name Woman is a narration of the narrator understands of the nature of the Chinese tradition where the women were conditioned to do what they are told without any questioning. Thus the narrator contends that the close knitted society in which her aunt lived, met her sexual partner who was not a stranger to her. This ironically subjugated women to sub serviette roles to bear the responsibility of her aunt to commit adultery. This is due to the fact that women were conditioned to everything ordered thus she was unable to gather personal strength to repel the man’s sexual advances (Chua and Chua). This depicts the great disparity between the women in china who not choose as the no name woman was commanded to lie with the man and be the secret evil, as she obeyed him. There is an assertion that this man who allegedly rapes no name woman instigated the raid in her family’s house. This is an indication of how women are victimized by the abusive manipulation of the gender based social code.

The story of Girl depicts the strict instructions to the daughter by her mother which are intimidating. This demonstrates the meekness of the girl thoughts and questions represented in the story only two times. The representation of the distance between the relationship with her mother as she interrupts her mother that she does not sing benna on Sunday school, but the mother continues with her lecture. The relationship is depicted to be mechanical as the conversation between the mother and her daughter is in a rhythm that is strong aimed at magically chanting out bits of the subconscious (Austin,250).

The comments of the girl to her mother is the evidence of the expectatoon by the mother to be quiet and listen to what she is being told regardless of the girls knowledge of the lessons. The conversation is a one sided and this concledesd that the relationsddhip between the two remains the same. Thye girl is tremedous given instructions which are extremely presise, though there is an impression that the girl is in training, but many phrased depict that the mother spits out at the gilr are unneccessary( (Kincaid,1190). This exactness with which the directions are commanded to the girl depicts how she grew up under directions of drill sergent.

The Girl story represent the history` of rearing a girl child steeped in formalities and strictness as the conversation between the rtwo things. The story displays that it would be unsuccessful for a mother like that in the girl more than twenty years after the story in her effort of child rearing. This is due to the fact that technology and equal opportunity has affected the society structure. Ther are stronger decisions among the children unlike tgraditionally where decisions were made by the parents. The lack of discipline from parents and increased respect for children jhas made the traditional manner of child rearing impossible( (Dutton,1173).

The story of No Name Woman reveals the discrimination against women in the Chinese history as the son child was cerebrated more than the daughter child. This has been depicted by her aunt’s illegitimate child being a girl, as there were hopes for forgiveness to boy child (Chua and Chua). Thus the code of and operation of the society restricted the positions of women and conduct. The attack of no name woman is due to her adultery affair which is a threat to the social behavior and consequently giving birth to a girl child and this led to severe punishment and death. The illegitimate child had violated the immense value placed at the tradition family which is seem as bringing in another mouth to feed while her husband was absent and there were no yields in the farms.

The crime of no name woman were implicated to her family and thus the suffering was to the entire family as the custom dictated that the family was responsible for the daughters wrong doing. The story of no name woman has silence both at the beginning and end that balances the mothers opening sentence and the narrators own thoughts in regard to the fear and power of silence (Kingston,7). This is where the narrator fears to keep silence to avoid attaining the subtitle of her aunt who remained silent for her entire life, as she wanted to find her personal life. The narrator has to solidify here woman identity in the Chinese culture as keeping silent would be tantamount to her rejecting her own sense of self. She does not deny her aunts voice by creating a more individualized life for her aunt as she imagined that she used a secret voice and separate attentiveness like she does to herself. The story has the emphasis of the narrator and her aunt and honoring her in her story breaking the silence (Chua and Chua).

It can thus be concluded that women have brought forth new opportunities although there is an overall neglect to child upbringing. The duties which children in early years did not have knowledge about are now been performed by children. The two stories are related in a manner that the girl child has to take instructions and directions without questioning. This has the effect of gender discriminations as women are not allowed to say anything and have to do what they are told. The stories also have a decree to which information is passed to the daughters by their mothers in a way that is difficult to understand. The cultural values are passed in a manner which is no easy for the child to comprehend.


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