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1. The priority given to CSR in business, according to Sir Geoffrey Chandler, is ‘a self-inflicted wound’. What does he mean by this?

In the modern world where information plays a great role in people’s thought formation, any activity aimed at improving the quality of life in society is crucial to make a successful business. In a Geoffrey Chandler’s statement about “self-inflicted wound”, the basics of running business were laid. In broad terms, this means that the business is aimed at making a profit and meeting the customers’ needs. The owners are willing to be injured with corporate social responsibility to proclaim their social utility. Moreover, this approach makes possible avoiding government’s pressure that stakeholders usually face when redistributing money through different levels of the society without the participation of public authorities. In addition, the current situation where companies strongly affect the area they are working in allows to manage it much more effectively than the government does. Chandler considers the CSR as a crucial part of a business having its own peculiarities and being capable of giving a competitive advantage. One of the peculiarities is CSR showing whether companies fit within the society, because undoubtedly society builds scope where companies operate. Another feature is that CRS “provides smokescreen for companies which proclaim their adherence” whereas corporations focused on the core fundamentals of their activity.

Thus, business persons must understand key aspects that include sustainability and development of the company in a competitive environment through “giving back” to the society. Creating social added value contributes to the successful existence of a company on the market. Thereby company should implement the values of the society into its principal activities and be permanently responsible for the impact on the societies in which it operates.

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2. CSR remains on the periphery of university programs in business and management - why is that?

Nowadays, CSR is an issue of global discussions. However, there are no strict rules that can be applied due to CSR in the majority of companies and other business units. The stressful context exacerbated through social and cultural inequality in different countries. Despite a lot of scientific work is being done, there is no clear understanding of the term CSR. At the same time, important questions must be asked about the extent to which CSR is accepted for companies as a form of a completely different instrument for increasing annual profit. Considering social and cultural differences, it becomes clear that approaches to implement CSR must be completely different throughout the world. It creates obstacles to injection the CSR to inhomogeneous business and social environment. CRS is closely linked to global responsibility that is individually perceived.

The other reason why CSR remains on the periphery of university programs is the contradiction to many business standards. Milton Friedman claims that the main goal of corporations is to maximize incomes of shareholders, and only people must bear social responsibility. In addition, in some sense, CSR is an intervention to free trade that violates the market structure. Also, CSR policy includes functions like taxation, expenditure, and control which basically should provide the state. Friedman doubts the ability of business to clearly understand what exactly they are responsible for in terms of society, because they do not have technical skills to deal with social problems. Thus, plenty of contradictions do not allow putting CSR on the same level with another fundamental subjects.

Answers for a case study:

1. Why have football clubs become committed to such CSR programs?

  • Social pressure connected with extremely huge incomes of owners and players
  • Improving life of local communities
  • Corporate culture that was built during many years
  • Historical heritage of Arthur Connell
  • General trend of developing CSR among football clubs
  • Social effect on the society and popularity among people
  • Leaving lasting legacy on organizations they work with

2. What are the benefits that a club like Manchester City can gain from its CSR work?

  • Strengthening support of football fans
  • Future benefits which would help to build a sustainable FC
  • Positive image and reputation of FC in the Greater Manchester area
  • Increasing of cash flow through the increase in popularity
  • Establishing of new connections in football and non-football organizations
  • Increasing influence in the football sphere
  • Improving relationship inside the team.

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