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By allowing Heather to have a cochlear transplant, she will socially interact with people from two different worlds, the deaf and hearing, but if you deny her a cochlear implant, she will have a limited world to socialize. Socialization is particularly important as it exposes one to different environments.

Through socialization, people are able to learn from others, hence increasing their knowledge. When we socialize, we are also able to understand other people and, expression to friends. I understand your fear perfectly well that your daughter, Heather, will lose your vulnerable culture of the deaf. However, this is not the case. If anything, she will have an added advantage by exposing her to a wider world. Her new world will include the world of the deaf and the world of sound (Clark 64).

Many people do not have hearing problems and, by socializing with such people, your daughter will learn more from them. By exposing her to different opportunities, she will be able to express herself to many people. Undergoing the surgery will not mean that Heather will forget your highly valued culture. It will be possible for her to attend the Maryland school for the deaf while attending the sound classes, which she will enroll in after the surgery.

Accepting yourselves as deaf people, gives me great pleasure. Many are the people who live in denial of this situation. This gives me much hope that it is also possible for you to accept that Heather will have a new life with the cochlear implant. Heather should be given a chance to enjoy life like the rest of her friends who are not deaf. She needs to hear the sound of music, thunder and several other sounds. Would you have opted to have that experience if at all you had the chance to have cochlear implant?

Technology is advancing and, we are all urged to embrace it. Thousands of people have benefited from this surgery and have gone to higher heights in their careers. Were it not for this new technology, these people would not have gone that far. Some of them are indeed doctors and scientists, who have developed this hearing device. My dear friends consider your daughter’s future and give her the best. I am very sure that you would like her to become a successful lady. In order to achieve this, she must be competitive in the whole world and, this can only happen if there are no limitations in terms of deafness.

It is important to note that Heather will not be the only person with a cochlear. So many children are using the device. Therefore, the device will not make her appear freakish. She remains a normal human being just like the other children. Currently, people are aware of the device given the many campaigns that are ongoing, meant for creating awareness of the hearing device. At least in every school, you cannot fail to see a child who has had a cochlear implant. I am even happy that you have come from an extended family where some people are ready to accept the ear surgery. A good example is your brother who is willing to take his infant for the cochlear transplant.

We all know very well that deaf children suffer from certain limitations. For example, they are never able to play with other children who are not deaf, the reason being they use sign language, which many kids do not understand. These children at times feel isolated, when they are unable to pass their ideas to their playmates. Some even suffer psychologically. I am very sure that you would love your daughter to enjoy life just like any other child. This cannot happen with her condition and, something urgent ought to be done. You need to take her for the surgery.

You should also appreciate the fact that you have the resources. Many parents would wish that their children get the cochlear transplant, but they cannot due to lack of enough finances. Consider taking advantage of the money that God has blessed you with, to give your daughter the life she deserves. She is a young child who may not understand the effect of deafness in her later years.

Heather is a bright girl and she can make it in life. You are lucky she is not the only one undergoing the surgery since her infant cousin, will also be taken for cochlear transplant. At the same time, many other children, who are deaf, will be undergoing the same cochlear implant at different hospitals. Heather will, therefore, not be an exceptional kid. Many kids were in Heather’s condition but today they are leading a normal life. Some are now adults with their own families and leading a normal life. Your daughter might even become a special teacher at the school of deaf in Maryland, which you love so much. Wouldn’t that be your happiness?

Placing Heather in a class where there are speaking and hearing students will also be important in teaching the larger world your culture. As mentioned earlier, Heather will not lose your deaf culture. She will, therefore, act as a facilitator in enlightening people about your culture. Remember that most people are not aware of the sign language. Heather will help a lot in training her fellow hearing and speaking students the sign language. This will serve as a way of making your culture known to the larger community. Therefore, your culture will remain as you want and, indeed, it will spread to the speaking world. Many people will therefore, know the deaf culture, which will be an advantage to you.

Given that you have come from a large extended family that accommodates both the deaf and the speaking people, Heather will be able to learn to learn very fast even from her other relatives like her uncle, Chris. The strong background that you have given her will also enable her to respect your deaf culture, which she has been taught for the past five years. We all appreciate the different cultures. That is why I believe that you too will appreciate the speaking culture as we respect your deaf culture. It is also obvious that your daughter will have to learn the two cultures, for her to fit in your family. In her speaking and hearing classes, she will be taught to respect her deaf culture, as it is still important to her. She will learn to respect you and ample time will be given to her to attend the deaf classes (Cooper 102).

I must admit that your daughter, Heather, will have to spend some time away from you as she will have to attend the hearing classes after the cochlear transplant. This should not worry you at all. Remember that your brother also attended the normal classes, attended by the hearing students. This did not make him forget the deaf culture. You are a united family and culture has never split your family.

Remember that wisdom comes with age. Your mother, who is an old woman, is supporting that your daughter undergoes cochlear transplant. She knows the challenges that the deaf people undergo, especially because she has both deaf and speaking children. Your mother is also not deaf and, she accommodates you all. This strong family background will make your daughter adapt to the two cultures. Both your grandmother and your brother, Chris, who are in support of your daughter’s surgery, will be able to assist her not to forget her original culture (Niparko 92).

Social interaction is very important and, when you allow your daughter to socialize with people from the two different worlds she will be benefiting a lot. We learn a lot from each other and, if we isolate ourselves from other people just because we have a few differences, there will be many risks to which we are being exposed. Again, in the developed countries such as America, Britain and China, the deaf people are going for the cochlear surgery, for them to fit in the larger community of the hearing. This has helped in giving people equal opportunities and in avoiding discrimination that comes due to such disabilities. Such people are getting the same jobs as their friends who do not suffer from such disabilities.

Activities that are speech oriented are very important. Now that Heather will be attending classes, which have many students, her self-confidence must be boosted. She will be able to express herself to huge crowds without fear or shame of her previous condition of deafness. She will also be able to make friends from the two worlds. Friends are very important as they help us when we are in need. Friends are also important in that we are able to know what we did not know from interacting with them. Heather will also be able to have an understanding of the deaf people and, in the future, she could contribute to the advancement of hearing technology. She could also make a good teacher to the deaf once she has learn the two cultures. Usually, for one to teach the deaf students, he should at least have knowledge of the deaf people.


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