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Abortion is generally defined as the termination of a pregnancy before maturity. There have been many controversies on whether or not to legalize abortion. It has been legalized in some countries. In the United State, it was noted that 40 % of the women abort each year. Although considered a personal decision, many people are not sure if it is morally right, thus the question whether it should be legalized or not. In my view, it is not right to legalize such an act. No one has the right to terminate a live because; we all have the right to live (Cara, 20). This is because abortion involves killing an innocent life. It also displays how irresponsible a person is and risks one’s life.
They are better solutions that you can opt for instead of getting an abortion.

Reasons against the legalization of abortion

Pro-life supporters argue that abortion is murder of the unborn child and there is no difference between this and infanticide. This is denies the fetus the right to live. Murder is a crime and therefore abortion should be taken as a crime and the necessary action taken. Those promoting abortion may argue that women should be given the freedom to choose, but it would be unfair to grant someone freedom while denying another (Michael, 103). I agree that life starts at conception therefore there is no need to stop it.
Abortion is an immoral act. In the modern world a woman has the choice to get pregnant or not. This choice is made when one decides to have sex and not when one is already pregnant. The person considering an abortion should have been responsible enough to either avoid sex, or prevent pregnancy. It is not a matter of being denied one’s control over your body but a matter of what is morally right. Many may argue that it is hard to control sexuality and you cannot hold people responsible for the possible outcome, this is an assumption that has no basis, if that is the case then, it would be okay for every body to ride in a motor bike without a helmet. Making people responsible for their actions will make them learn. Making abortion illegal is a way of encouraging responsibility (Laurence, 56). It is insensitive to consider aborting a child while they are so many people who are childless and wishing to adopt the child. In case one does not feel responsible enough to cater for the child you can give the child for abortion. This way, you will be able to avoid the risks that are involved during abortion. Legalizing abortion makes it difficult for people to get children to adopt.
On the other hand abortion is a way of encouraging casual sex that might risk a person’s life. One cannot only be pregnant, but also contract sexually transmitted diseases. This would be the case when abortion is legalized since it would just be another contraception method (Cara, 20).


Abortion should not be encouraged at any time. However, in some circumstances like when the babies and mothers life is in danger it can (Laurence, 56). It should not be made legal since this is taking away someone’s life. Life is precious and we have got equal opportunities. The reasons to support abortion are not adequate enough therefore, no need to legalize abortion.

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