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The 21st century has seen the society beginning to recognize serious concerns that affect children in the contemporary world. While some of the concerns have long been there, others are newly emerging trends. The society is beginning to adapt to a highly dynamic way of life due to technological developments. As a result, child behavior is worse today in comparison to ten years ago. One of the claims that underline this statement is the notion that the 21st century has made most children consumers, thus affecting their selfishness. Another central issue regarding this topic is that parents of today do not take the discipline of their children with the seriousness it deserves, making them behave inappropriately (National Research Council, 2009). My position on this topic is that the contemporary environment has made children of today behave more badly than they did ten years back.

Today’s children behave badly due to their nature of consumerism. Children now look upon their parents on the basis of what they have as opposed to the position the parents occupy within the family settings. The global nature of things today has made children expect more in comparison to a generation that was in existence a decade earlier. This brings the topic to the second aspect that parents have been reluctant to discipline their children. Granted the nature of life within a family ten years back, the family was relatively small and contained. Today, this situation is global and more complex than it was in the past. In view of this, a child requires boundaries to show desirable behaviors. Today, many parents are not interested in disciplining their children because they do not care, do not know how to go about it, or do not find it beneficial at all, which let today’s children end up with undesirable behaviors. If parents fail to show their children the right way by instilling discipline in them, the children will show poor behavior (Leismann & Melillo, 2008).

The issue of rapidly changing environment is equally beneficial when arguing that the child of today is worse in his or her behavior in comparison to the one who lived ten years ago. Ten years back, a given household had one TV set that aired just a few channels. In most homes, there were no computers or cell phones. Additionally, most mothers remained behind to take care of the house and children, while the father went to work. Children were able to take homemade meals and took part in daily chores, assisting their parents and relatives. Today, several TV sets that have connections to multiple channels, computers, and cell phones are common in any given home environment (National Research Council, 2009). Furthermore, most couples are fulltime employees; this means that they leave their children under the care of a house help. Technology has made most children extremely lazy and bored by taking away the perception of working hard in various activities. Nowadays, there are fast food joints everywhere, making preparation of meals back at home not necessary. Meal preparation kept children busy a decade ago through offering their assistance to parents (Leismann & Melillo, 2008).

Although some people might think that the child of today has not acquired more undesirable behavior in comparison to the child who lived ten years back, the current level of drug abuse among minors, exposure to pornographic materials over the internet, and teenage mothers emphasize this argument. Without doubt, technology has imposed an unprecedented level of idleness on the children of today making them turn to unhealthy behaviors that were not in existence among their peers ten years ago (National Research Council, 2009).


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