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Obesity refers to the state of having too much water in the body in relation to the body weight. Obesity is brought about by mostly two things that are: Lifestyle and the diet that the people involved take. Fatty foods are more likely to make one become obese when they take too much of it. The general lifestyle of individual will determine whether they are obese or are likely to be obese (Crouse 204).

Executive Summary

Child obesity is an issue that has of late raised alarm on the health status of children in the United States. This is what has prompted the study of this aspect that today affects the health of the millions of the American children. In doing this research, this paper tries to answer the following questions: What is the status/prevalence of obesity in children in America? What are the major causes of obesity in the in the United States? Is there a way that this can be checked and how can this problem be solved? This paper has covered all this through statistical analysis on the lifestyles of the American children and their parents. The findings of the paper are quite clear that obesity can be dealt with only if the various stakeholders play their part in dealing with the condition.


Obesity has been described by the health professional’s as an epidemic considering the rising figures of the condition. Close to nine million kids of the American population are affected by this condition. These sums up to an average of 15% of the American children population aged between 6 to 11 years. The number has actually tripled in a span of 30 years. Point to notes is that about 25% of black and Hispanic children are overweight.

 Health professionals have described it as a national epidemic. About nine million kids are affected. That amounts to 15 percent of American children, aged 6 to 11 years, who are considerably overweight. This number has actually tripled in the past 30 years. And the rates for obesity are actually greater for minority children. Over 25 percent of Black and Hispanic kids are overweight.

 Economic costs: According to the Institute of Medicine, the hospital costs for children in the USA have been on the rise from 35 million to 127 million in the last 35 years. This has really worked against the prevention of obesity as access to health facility is limited to the affluent.

 Health Costs – The statistics on the health disorders and conditions that are related to obesity in the USA are shocking. The rise of the type 2 diabetes from 4% to 8% in the period ranging 1990-2007 is one such indicator of the threat that is obesity. Heart Disease single risk factor incidences have also increased in the same period to about 60% of the children with the age of 5-10.Furthermorw, those with two risk factors incidences have risen to 25%.As such these children have conditions that were in the past associated with the elderly such as High blood pressure, high triglycerides and high cholesterol (Edelstein 78).

 Compared to other countries, child obesity is actually an epidemic that faces the world as a whole. America with the 34% child obesity is far much below that of Samoa that has the highest prevalence rate of 74% according to International Obesity Task Force, WHO figures 2002.

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Statistics show that obesity in the United States has and is still on the increase. This can be attributed to the ever changing lifestyle that has created such disorder. The ever busy parents in America have left their children to make the decisions on whatever food they want to consume. Thos has left many kids to opt for the sweet yet fatty foods that end up making most of these children obese.

The ever busy parents have been a major contributor to the obese of their children. This can be looked at from the angle of the leisure time spent by the children. Many parents today are not much involved in the physical fitness of their children in the sense that they allow them to choose on how they can spend their leisure time. This has left the children to opt for indoor games that may not help in burning the calories hence the children end up accumulating so many fats and at the end become obese.

Economic status has played a key role in shaping the status that is obesity in children in the United States. The fact that a large number of the children of the blacks and the Hispanics are victims of obesity points out to the economic factor. Most of the blacks and the Hispanics are poor and may not afford the medical checkups to see if their children are alright as far as obesity is concerned. Such populations are even less concerned with the fitness of the children when it comes to checking obesity. This puts their children to high risks of obesity.

The lunch programs in schools have been a contributor to obesity in children. Most schools in the USA especially those that take care of the children for the low economic classes have been found to be regularly providing the kids with foods that have high fat content. This has led to many of the kids to get obese.

The nature of fast lifestyle has worsened the matter. Today Most Americans are in some kind of rush whenever it comes to eating. As such, this has led to the development of fast foods that coincidentally most of these have so much fat. The consumption of these foods that can be found at relatively cheaper prices has led to many kids resorting to them. This has actually been a major backtracker against the fight against obesity not only among the children but also the adults. As much as the fast food industry continues expanding, fighting this condition is not that an easy idea.


From the analysis of the above discussion, Obesity in children in the United State needs to be given greater attention from all the stakeholders in the Health and nutrition department and from the policy makers of the nation. As such I would recommend that various steps be taken in bid to reduce the obesity levels in children in the USA.

Outdoor activities So many children are preoccupied by indoor activities and are not able to participate in outdoor activities hence creating high chances for obesity. This should be discouraged by making the parents to take an initiative of ensuring that their children participate in activities that boost the movement of muscles hence able to avoid too much water in the body. This could be in the form of organizing walks for their children. They can also organize tournaments that ensure that their children are able to participate in the outdoor games hence burning up the calories.

The issue that is diet should also be put into consideration when dealing with the obese thing. Most children that suffer the obese condition are those that eat mostly fatty foods. This foods as discussed earlier contribute a great deal to obesity .There is need for the parents to ensure that their children are not constantly fed on fatty foods. This could be in way of advice to their children on the effects of such foods and at the same time the decision of what foods the children will eat. Training the children on what foods may cause the danger of obesity if taken regularly is important as the parents may not be always present whenever their children are buying foods for themselves (Nobbins 103).

From the analysis done in this paper on child obesity, the eating habits of children have contributed a great deal to child obesity. Since most children that eat away from the family set up tend to eat junky foods, there is need for the parents to control this by ensuring that their children eat in the family set up. These calls for a great contribution from the parents in form of sacrifice of their time to ensure that the health’s of their children are okay.

The role of the house keepers cannot be downplayed in terms of dealing with obesity. Since their parents in the US are mostly engaged in very many activities.  It is important that the house helps are trained more on the foods to feed the children and how to do it. This will go in a great way in avoiding obesity in the very young children that may not have the power to dictate on their diet.

The lunch programs in schools need to be made in a manner that will fight obesity. The foods provided in this lunch programs need to have low fat content and low calories. This will go in a great way in checking this condition. There is also need for constant health check to ensure that the children are in good condition as far as obesity is concerned (Weeks 102).


The obesity levels among children in the US are very worrying and needs more attention from all the stakeholders. This involves cooperation from the parents, the children, health institutions and even the Non-Governmental organizations. Fighting this is not easy but with determination positive results can be achieved. The ever increasing need for time saving should not be allowed to let this situation get worse.


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