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Statement and Significance of the Problem

Gestational diabetes or GDM is a health problem in which women who never had diabetes before start to have high blood sugar levels during pregnancy usually around the 24th week. As the incidence of diabetes is growing among young adults, women of child bearing age are under more threat of diabetes (Hunt, Schuller, 2007). This study is important for pregnancy women as it will be serve as a guide and answer questions concerning the nature of Gestational diabetes, its potential effects on the child and the mother and how it can be treated.  Prevention or control of high blood sugar level can reduce the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects, and complications during delivery. About 3 to 5 percent women are at risk of having baby with defects if they have diabetes during pregnancy. (Otis, 2011).

Literature Review

A lot of researches have been conducted regarding the issue of diabetes in pregnancy conditions over the years to find the causes and effective treatment regarding the growing trend of gestational diabetes. The nature of diabetes is link with Serontin, a chemical produced by the body and is influenced by the protein found in the mother’s diet. This has led to suggest that health issues like diabetes can be cured through dietary adjustments and reverse the stages of gestational diabetes. The role serontine plays in regulating mood and beta cell mass can explain why depression gets associated with diabetes. This research has opened doors for further studies and helps generate effective methods for finding protective measures. (Science Daily, 2010). In another news, mothers who take antipsychotic drugs for mental illness such as bipolar disorder are at higher risks of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. This illness was twice as common in such women (4.3%). This alarming number has given rise to doctors being more vigilant towards such patients and closely monitoring their behavior. It is therefore necessary that women who have gestational diabetes are carefully monitored to see signs of any problems or deviating fetal growth. (Healthday,2012). The Epidemic of diabetes is not just in western countries but it reaches worldwide effecting India and china. It is feared that by 2030, the prevalence of this illness will be 4.4% around the world. The increase of this epidemic has been linked with obesity, aging population structure, urbanization and physical activity (Diabetes Care, 2004). In another research, exercise is said not to have any substantial effects on gestational diabetes thus not making it clear what symptoms and causes lead to gestational diabetes. Resulting in women with gestational diabetes to have a greater than normal risk of developing diabetes permanently in life after pregnancy. (HealthNews, 2011). A lot of factors can result in gestational diabetes and women who suffer from this illness are usually obese, causing threats to the lives of their babies. This has been associated with birth weight, adult obesity and risk of type2 diabetes (Freinkel N.Banting, 1980) . Moreover it has also been mentioned that if proper preventative methods are used to stop the illness it will have positive effects on the health of the women and also protect the baby in the womb. It is therefore necessary to control and monitor the elevated glucose levels during pregnancy (Dablea; Pettit Dj, 2001). In light of the articles mentioned above it is therefore clear that a lengthy research is required to study the causes of gestational diabetes on pregnant women and finding out their effective treatment measures. It is also very important that the general public is notified about this increasing epidemic that can hamper their normal lives forever.


How can a diet have impact on pregnant women suffering from Gestational diabetes?

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The important variables in the research question are (1) diet, (2) Pregnant women and (3) their impact on gestational diabetes. This research will primarily focus on how diet can have an influence on this illness and if it can cure the illness without using any medications or serious measures. The population of interest is pregnant women and through this research, a relationship would be tried to develop between diet and gestational diabetes.


Study setting

In order to have an insightful research, the study will be conducted in two hospitals and maternity clinics where close observation can help generate more information regarding gestational diabetes. Doctors will be questioned on how diet can be used to determine the best plan of care in order to keep blood glucose level under control during pregnancy.

Research Design

The research design is subject to quantitative evaluations that will be done after analyzing blood reports, ultra sounds and other pregnancy tests to evaluate what factors can cause gestational diabetes. Moreover, qualitative data will be generated by questioning doctors and patients regarding their feelings and behavior during this illness. It is also important to have descriptive analysis of how dietary changes can prevent such illness beforehand.

Sampling and Sampling procedure

The study setting for this research is a clinic or hospital. A random sample of 30 pregnant women will be taken into consideration. Their diet will be changed under the supervision of medical specialists to prevent any gestational diabetes happening in 24th week of pregnancy. Women who are overweight and seem to have no or less physical activity will be included in the research. Pregnant women who had diabetes before will not be included in the research. However, if the pregnant woman has a history of gestational diabetes in her family,  will be also be included in the research.

Ethics Board Review

In order to respect the privacy of the patients their original names will not be used and they will be informed about the research beforehand.  Overt observation will be conducted with the patients and the importance of the research to the general society will also be conveyed to them.

Data collection

In order to collect insightful data, both primary and secondary sources are useful in this research. Data collection methods such as questionnaires will be distributed among expecting mothers in the hospital which would ask them about their knowledge about gestational diabetes and if they are aware of the potential risks of the illness. Moreover diet plans will also be distributed to these women to inform them about how a good diet can prevent health problems and enable them to have a safe pregnancy. Interviews with specialized doctors will also be conducted to find out how diet can be used to prevent such an illness. Interviews will help generate qualitative and descriptive data whereas Questionnaires can be used for quantitative measures. Side by side, observation of the patients will also be taking place to see how the patients reach to different circumstances.

Data Analysis

Statistical software’s such as SPSS will be used to decode the data collected from questionnaires to bring useful and insightful updated data regarding gestational diabetes and diet.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Proposed study will take into consideration the treatments methods that can be used to cure gestational diabetes but will put more light on diet and how adjustments in eating habits of pregnant women can prevent such health issue. The research will require a lot of time and medical assistance from doctors and specialized staff to monitor the effects of dietary changes on pregnant women. It is important that the staff who will conduct this research is qualified and is aware of the medical practices so that generation of useful data can happen. Since the study will revolve around how diet can be used to alter the effects of gestational diabetes, there is a change of ignoring other treatment methods. Without any doubt, this study will be useful for the general public and be a source of reliable and valid data for further studies that will be conducted regarding Gestational Diabetes. It will be useful guide for the patients and doctors who can make use of the study to prevent the increasing trend in the illness and prevent this epidemic from getting more severe. Awareness about this illness is vital for the women who are planning to start families and would want a safe environment for themselves and their baby.


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