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Identifying a “Personal Trouble”

Drug abuse has been a major public concern since it affects almost every family and community in a similar way. Very often, drug abuse leads to serious illnesses and various incidents that cause injuries both to drug abusers and ordinary people. The most popular abused drugs include inhalants, marijuana, cocaine, such club drugs as ecstasy, amphetamines, heroin, anabolic steroids and prescription drugs (Fleury, Grenier, Bamvita Perreault, & Caron, 2014). In most cases, drug abuse plays a significant role in major social problems, for instance, violence, driving under the influence, child abuse and others. It also leads to losing one’s home,a job and even a family. It significantly raises the crime rate. Moreover, it causes harm to the unborn babies. There are different types of treatments available worldwide that help lower the cases of drug use; however, the best treatment is prevention of drug use.

Some people can be in a position to use drugs without experiencing addiction or serious consequences. People indulge in drugs for various reasons. Some try it out of curiosity or in order to have a good time, just like their fellow friends, and others take it due to peer pressure, or to ease such mental conditions as depression, anxiety and stress. There are also those who use drugs to improve athletic performance (Centers for Disease Control, 2012). There exist no ways that could determine when casual use of drugs will turn into problematic.

Mistakenly, it is assumed that those who use drugs lack willpower or moral principles, and the only way they could stop them from using drugs is to make them change their behavior. Drug addiction is a complicated disease, and thus, quitting it takes a strong will. Notably, since drugs tamper with the brain in many ways that can cause compulsive drug abuse, quitting can be rather difficult even for those who made a decision to quit drug use (Centers for Disease Control, 2012). The more risk factors an individual possesses, the greater the chances of becoming drug addicted.

How Drug Use Is Connected with “Public Issues”

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Drug abuse has been viewed as a public issue. Just like contagious diseases, drug abuse can be passed in some wayfrom one person to the other. Those drugs that seem to be useful to human beings can also appear detrimental. The main purpose of most drugs is to cure diseases, as well as alleviate human conditions (Mayo Clinic, 2014). However, only few people adhere to the proper use of the drugs. Some patients misuse the over-the-counter drugs, which leads to drug abuse. It is becoming a social problem since it brings affliction to families, and negatively influences society and economy at large. Most of the time, drug abuse is the main cause of problems in families.

Treatment of those who abuse drugs is rather expensive. Notably, parents of teenagers who abuse drugs suffer from health deterioration due to much stress. Moreover, family relationship also becomes strained. The other siblings are also at high risks since they can follow the behavior of their brather or sister due to the exposure to such drugs (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Drug abusers also live in denial that hinders them from coping with the problem. Apart from families, drug abuse has adverse effects on the economy since huge amount of money is spent on its treatment. If spent on establishing businesses and creating job opportunities, this money would boost the economy of the country.

Drug users cannot be in a position to work due to an inability to function normally; hence, they provide poor quality work, and this has adverse effects on the business output. The wider society is also affected by the issue of drug abuse since the number of people suffering from HIV/AIDS increases due to drug use. In such countries as the United States, it has accounted for one-third of all causes of the HIV/AIDS cases (Mayo Clinic, 2014).

Public Policies that can Affect the Way People Address the Problem

Public policies affect the way of resolving drug abuse, as well as my views on the issue. Individuals from different walks of lives suffer from addiction to drugs. As a result, most of them need help in order to overcome such addiction. The addicts may make use of rehabilitation that can help them minimize their addiction. Drug and alcohol treatment facilities benefit many people (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2012). However, it is not easy to find an appropriate rehabilitation center. The Internet has all the available information regarding substance abuse treatment. Public policies help addicts in recovering from substance abuse and other mental disorders.

The doctors and professionals at the rehabilitation centers provide treatment to the affected people who suffer from substance abuse, as well as reoccurring disorders. Individuals are also educated on drug and alcohol addiction. These centers help individuals to recover spiritually, mentally and physically (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2012). First of all, they monitor if an individual is interested in going through the recovery process. After conducting the initial examination, they suggest an appropriate program for the rehabilitation. If there is a need, the doctors can conduct a set of dual diagnosis programs.

When a patient is totally ready for the treatment, they can now be admitted to the center. In these centers, they are supervised and monitored daily. Each patient has a different healing process that differs from the other. When on medication, they are engaged in various activities so as to keep their minds from the addiction. As a result, alternate therapies are used with them. What is more, such centers have different facilities that help patients to recover faster. Rehabilitation breaks the addiction cycle. Detoxification is the first step in the process of rehabilitation.

In conclusion, the issue of drug use has been on the increase in the society day by day. Drug abuse hinders individuals from accomplishing goals and lifetime dreams. Most people think that they become too powerful when they take drugs. Anyone who misuses drugs can become and addict. Therefore, it can cause harm, bring family breakdown and may also results in the increase in delinquency in society. The earlier an individual seeks help to deal with drug addiction problems, the more chances to control their lives they have. Abstinence will help in leading a healthier and longer life. The risk factors can only be avoided by those who choose to keep away from drugs.


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