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There are various diseases which are very deadly to human population. Those who are highly affected are those living in the third world countries. There is need to do a study epidemiological study in this areas to establish the causes to various diseases which threaten human population. Mortality from the hospital in this affected areas shows that there are specific diseases which are uniform for specific category of age groups. For instance, children show signs of malnutrition. It is against this background that this proposal is pitched to carry a study on epidemiological study of tropical diseases and the impact of vaccination in these areas. There is also significant need for health personnel to understand the health of both the urban and rural. This understanding shall help them understand various means of controlling the diseases and measures to put in place to enable affectivity of preventive measures. To achieve this goal, it is mandatory that both field and clinical research with the application of multi-disciplinary approaches, taking consideration on the techniques and perspectives of epidemiology, systems of health research. This shall also incorporate medical sociology, clinical medicine, medical anthropology, health economics and nutrition.  

Research Question

Having established that there are diseases which are specific a various population in the tropical regions; there is a need to establish a comprehensive mechanism of curbing the menace. Are there chemotherapeutic mechanisms/agents against predominant diseases in tropical regions like measles for children, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases which have impact on the public health peripheral concern? Is there a possibility of introducing a vaccine which can make people become resistant to such hazardous diseases like malaria? And is it possible to teach behavior change which can help people adopts responsible sexual behaviors.

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Literature review

The need of keeping confidentiality of the patients’ information as confidential as possible is a fact that must be taken into consideration. In this regard, the manual data entry does not take care of this since information pass through many channels before they reach the main people, that is, the medical practitioners who are to handle them. In the same vein, paying the workers who handle these files was expensive (Igbaria, & Shayo 2011). The work was also not done promptly since human labor is not sufficient and efficient enough to handle bulk of work. In the system, there are a number of personnel who have to be put in place to ensure that work is done (Igban, & Shayo, 2011). This creates a number of stages which the information has to pass through.

However, the adoption of technology can remedy this situation. Technology would immensely eliminate the delay due to human inefficiency. Additionally, the efficiency of the work shall increase since the computers can be programmed to relay, compute, and analyze data automatically within an incredibly short time. The problem of non confidentiality shall be solved since information shall only follow one channel unlike in the manual system where information passes through many people. In terms of cost, technology is cost effective. This is because there will be elimination of excess labor.  The machines shall aid in handling tasks with limited expenses within a very short time. Human error that is likely to occur is also significantly minimized (Iayan 2012). This system attracts more clients since they are assured of their security and confidentiality. Efficiency is also a factor that is revered by clients. The adoption of technology considerably assure them of this hence confidence in the system.

Previous research

There are challenges that crops up in team, but for our case, they were minimal because of the positive group dynamics. It was good that every team member held respect to individual team members as one of the core values of the group. However, respect of diversity was tricky at the start but ultimately; everybody came to appreciate diversity of people. We worked on developing friendship and good relationship. This helps groups to have acceptance of each other without discrimination or segregation. We adopted the principles of (Clegg 2011) in developing effective group dynamics that made our work enjoyable all through. First, we had to ensure constructive relationship. This relationship occurs between people in the team and the team itself. In order for such king of relationship to exist, there is need to develop trust that comes with respect of the team and of individual members of the team. This ensures that people do not overlook their responsibilities. Secondly, the productivity of the team takes contribution of all team members. Every team member contributes and benefits more than he contributes to the team. This therefore gives an impression that all members stands to benefit from the team, thus taking the work with immense seriousness. The critical beat of all that was of help to the team was mutual understanding. This enables positive criticism and acceptance of one’s opinion; it also gave us the satisfaction of appreciation (Clegg et al 2011). We felt that we had value in the group since one member is given a consideration as though he/she was the group. These zeros down to the respect and trust which demands that for one to have the understanding of other team members; it calls for the principle of first reciprocal. The above proposal is pitched to carry a study on epidemiological study of tropical diseases and the impact of vaccination in these areas. There is also significant need for health personnel to understand the health of both the urban and rural.


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