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Family health status is a concern to most countries, due to the advancement in technology and change in lifestyle. Due to increased industrialization, pollution, psychological stress and changes in eating habits, many lives are threatened. It is vital for people to be educated on the best ways to maintain good health, hence, reduce the mortality rate within society. Nurses are encouraged to educate their patients on the type of food they should take after they heal. This will reduce the diseases that many people get at their old age. The rest is also vital for the proper functioning of the body. The human brain controls all the activities in the body. Overworking it leads to fatigue. People should have adequate rest to enable the brainwork without a strain. Nurses in giving their patients the right advice on keeping their families healthy can use Gordon’s functional health patterns.

This paper analyses the family responses on the functional health patterns and identifies the wellness nursing diagnosis based on the family responses.

Gordon’s functional health patterns include; sleep and rest, roles and relationships, nutrition and metabolism, health management and health perception, self-perception, elimination, cognition and perception, activity and exercise, sexuality and reproduction, values and beliefs and stress tolerance..

The family has eight hours of sleep during weekdays and sleeps longer during weekends and holidays. Young children also find time to sleep after they have their lunch. The adults sleep at 9.00 PM and wake up at 5.00 AM to prepare for their daily chores, while the children can to sleep until 7.00AM. Due to enough sleep, they have the strength to do their duties on time and are always active during the day. They also have their brains active, since they do not strain. According to Kelley (2009), it is proper for the family to unite during weekends. They should sit together as a family, interact with each other, and visit their friends and relatives. This gives them enough rest to get rid of monotony. During their free time, they also embark on their hobbies, which include dancing, playing musical instruments and reading storybooks. Their children perform well at school because they are always attentive and awake in class, as opposed to other children who have inadequate sleep and rest. Resting also gives them an opportunity to think and interact with other people.

Family members have different roles, both at home and in their work places. Some of the family roles include provision of food, clothes and shelter, educating children and advising them on life skills. They also have their roles at work, which are strenuous and if not handled well could lead to a breakdown. They have also learnt how to balance their roles in the family and at work. When they experience stress at work, they look upon their family for consolation. The kids are also affected by their parent’s moods at home, and they have to ensure that they do not extend their pressure to the rest of the family. The relationship in the family is built on mutual understanding, where they learn to appreciate their weaknesses and to give advice. They also interact with other people in the neighborhood that makes them happy and helps them relieve stress through sharing ideas and feeling of acceptance.

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On health perception and management, they neither drink nor smoke. They enjoy the balanced diet and exercise regularly. They also have a family doctor whom they consult for check-ups and medication. These have helped them stay healthy and strong. However, the family is in danger, due to the inappropriate way of using the microwave. The electromagnetic waves may have a long-term effect on the health of the family members. They also live near a company that emits harmful gases and this puts their health at risk. The family maintains the high level of cleanliness by regularly cleaning the house, clothes and utensils. Rodents and other small animals are killed on a regular basis. This helps to reduce the diseases that may be caused by dirt in the house.

The family follows the balanced diet and takes clean water all the time. They eat fruits regularly and eat less red meat. They avoid eating fatty foods, which may cause complications and ensure that the fat used for cooking has little cholesterol. Bender (2009) asserts that boiling the water they drink keeps the children safe from contacting typhoid and other hygiene-related diseases. They frequently take watermelon as a fruit, since it increases the amount of blood in the body. To ensure that the children stay healthy, they take a lot of milk and bones’ soup to strengthen their bones, since the soup contains a lot of calcium. The parents ensure the children do not take a lot of it, as it would lead to diabetes and control their sugar level. Families are also encouraged to ensure that all individuals drink at least five glasses of water each day, as this boosts digestion and other body functions.

On elimination, the family has had cases on diarrhea and excretory problems. The dirty water taken outside of home caused this. The children are also affected by skin complications, which are caused by accumulation of dirt on the skin tissues. To solve these problems, they take a lot of water, which helps to reduce the excretion of sweat from the body.

While exercising, they go to gym and run in the fields in order to stay fit. While at the gym, they are taught on the best ways to exercise without straining muscles. Dalgleish (2007) affirms that, due to exercising, their breathing and musculoskeletal systems are good. They ensure that they visit the gym three times a week and run in the fields twice a week in the morning. This helps them break the fats that have accumulated in the body and reduce the feeling of laziness and fatigue.

On cognition and perception, the family has no problems with their hearing and sensitivity. They are also good at getting instructions and acting on them. Their feelings of pains can be felt just like in other normal people. This means their sensory systems and nerves are functioning. To boost this, they follow a balanced diet, which gives the body the energy to grow. They also seek medical attention, in case of complications in the sensory systems.

The family has a high sense of self-esteem and believes in its ability to achieve any set goal. They are courageous in dealing with threats and handle problems as they come, as opposed to avoiding them. Work is taken as a motivation to them, and they will always seek responsibility. They believe in leadership and the ability to make decisions. As a way of showing their ego, they have several meetings in which they educate people on life skills and several people rely on them for advice in difficult times.

Sexuality and reproduction is believed to be a gift from God and was given for a purpose. The family believes it has the right sexual and reproductive pattern, which is in line with its ability to provide for necessities. It holds talks with children and advises them on the importance of abstaining and the effects of sex before marriage. Parents are using contraceptives to prevent the unplanned pregnancy.

Stress is inevitable; the matter is how to deal with the stress. It is caused by physical and psychological interference of the normal body function. Basavanthappa (2008) confirms that work fatigue and complications, financial constraints and interpersonal conflicts are some of the causes of stress for the family. In dealing with stress, they tell stories, go to gym, visit the sick and listen to a soft music as a family. They also encourage and ask for advice from each other before making technical decisions.

The family has its own values and beliefs that guide them, as they interact as a family and with their environment. These values include honesty, humility, caring and teamwork. They are encouraged to maintain good relationships among themselves and ensure they grow together. The source of these values is the Bible. They believe that God has a hand in everything they do. To uphold these values, they keep reminding each other whenever they deviate; this has helped them appreciate each other’s weaknesses and learn how to help each other.

Health promotion diagnoses and actual diagnoses are examples of wellness nursing diagnoses seen from the family interview. The family has a doctor that gives a clinical report on the processes and health conditions of the members. He diagnoses them and gives advice on the medications and food. He also gives them a prescription of the best medicine to use, in case of a disease. He advises them on the importance of sleep and proper feeding. According to Kelley (2009), this helps the family stay safe and free from diseases that come, due to poor feeding habits. The family exercises health promotion through exercising, relieving stress, good feeding habits and maintaining hygiene. Through cleanliness, they are able to keep good health standards, as they are free from the possibilities of infections from rodents and other small animals. By sleeping and resting adequately, they prevent the body from straining, which keeps them healthy and strong.


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