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  1. How do We Describe the Product and Brand for Which We are Creating This Campaign?

According to the nature of the research and campaign being conducted, the product is cancer research that is aimed at an audience in the United Kingdom. Its nature is a health charity campaign launched to help improve the life of people, as well as inform the public of the importance of adhering to a healthy lifestyle to curb the problem of cancer. It is also a self-evaluated one expected to face both positive and negative responses from people depending on social, religious, and demographic challenges. The name of the campaign is CRUK (Batres, 2009).

Brand positioning that can meet the objective and vision of the campaign is Research Eliminating Cancer. The expected sub-position is “We Should Accept Cancer”. Hence, people can curb it. The campaign positioning tag will be to inform people that in order to eliminate cancer within the community and the society at large, they should be able to work hand-in-hand to fight the dreaded disease. The audience should be equipped with knowledge to understand that they play a critical role in eliminating cancer in the vicinity.

  1. What Media will the Campaign Use, and Why?

The first and the most important media to be used is television. The use of TV as a media tool in the campaign would be effective, since according to the regional population censuses conduced in the UK more that 95% of people owned television sets, and 99% of those watched them. Using these media tools will be an advantage to people, due to a larger group can become aware of the campaign (Bhagwati, 2011). Reaching a bigger population is not the only merit of using the television, but it also offers constant advertisement updates. Since the UK’s population has a demographical situation, ranging from children to old-adults, the television is considered the best alternative, since all demo-graphs use it.

The second media tool to be used is the national radio. Broadcasting information using it reaches many people, since it is also among the media tools owned by a majority of people in the UK. Another advantage of using the radio is raising awareness during rush hours of the day and the possibility to conduct interviews. The latter will play a significant role in educating the audience on the dangers, causes and methods of eliminating cancer among the public (Bachman, 2010). The use of the radio will also give the audience a chance to ask the interviewed scholars questions about cancer. It will help CRUK to meet its goals and objectives.

The use of the local press that includes newspapers, journals, and magazines will also play part in the campaign. Its advantage is that a larger population of UK citizens are working and not found at home to here the radio or watch television, but can buy and read local dailies in the work place. Written materials play a critical role in increasing the level of understanding and act as a source of the future reference. Therefore, the local press will play an essential role in passing CRUK’s campaign message to people in the easiest manner.

Strategically locating posters in public and private areas will also play a critical role in increasing the awareness of cancer. These will be aimed at creating or drawing attention of the audience, as well as encouraging them to take part in the CRUK’s campaign. Details containing the objectives of the latter can be posted on posters as well, thereby informing the public on the importance of facing the issue.

Those that have access to computers and other digital technologies are also not left behind, since the campaign also intends to use a website created in the name of CRUK. It will be linked to other social networks, such as Face-book and Twitter, which are mostly used by people in the UK. Besides the website as an advertising tool can be used in making online donations that will help in running the campaign (Atkin, 2008).

  1. Why are We Investing in This Campaign at All?

The campaign against the spread of cancer diseases is a real time investment, since through this measure, the rate, at which cancer kills people, will be curbed. Life tends to be the most precious commodity in the world today; therefore, the CRUK campaign is intended to save it. The spread of cancer occurs at an alarming rate; hence, there is the need of raising awareness of the issue. The campaign intends to evaluate the causes of the disease and inform the public on how one can avoid them, as well as educate the audience on the measures to handle cancer. According to CRUK’s research, the latter is believed to be a disease caused by the personal incoherence of a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the campaign focused on the need of reaching these people and informing them of an unhealthy lifestyle that is yet to be eliminated to stay safe from the dreaded disease. Shying away from the reality that cancer kills should be a thing of the past, and encouragement should be used to reach the ultimate elimination of cancer in the UK.

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  1. The Target Audience for the Campaign

The campaign can be defined as an open-ended one that has no limit relating to persons, organizations or society, as well as the community that it should meet, since the dreaded disease does not choose the type of people to infect. The following groups consitute the targeted audience:

  1. Individuals: the campaign intends to delivery relevant information to individuals about the causes of the disease, as well as adequate measures to be taken to stay a healthy person. CRUK’s main objectives are addressed to this audience, since the intended action is to reduce the spread of the disease among people, as well as persuade the public to stop fearing cancer to be able to curb it.
  2. Organizations: the campaign also addresses organizations to develop relevant policies that can help people stun away from cancer, as well as to get hold of firms, by means of which it can spread good news about eliminating cancer among the people of the UK. CRUK seeks to find ways, in which organizations can be involved and help fund the campaign.
  3. Government: the CRUK campaign plays the role of an eye-opener to the UK’s government and state administration and searches for ways, in which they can come together to help stop the spread of the dreaded disease. The campaign will address the concerns of the community and will call for government assistance in the fight against cancer.

Generally, CRUK seeks to address the information of safe ways of living a healthy life that can reduce and eliminate the spread of cancer. Proved to be a rising killer disease in the last decade, the latter affects more and more people, and patient numbers increase significantly (Anderson, 2011).

  1. What do we Know about the Relevant Motivations of the Audience?

For any particular audience to get information from the advertising group, several motivational factors and forces have to be identified. The audience is to be included in the running and conduction of the campaign. This group of people will play a significant role, since they will feel as part of the critical process of eliminating cancer.

One of the motivational forces to involve the audience is the availability of resources at the disposal of people to run the CRUK. For example, it will be wise to recruit guides from the community, where the campaign is going to be launched. It will increase the level of directional delivery, since the leader will explain people the necessity of CRUK. It is due to he or she knows the culture of people and will find adequate ways of delivering the important message on cancer.

  1. What is the Central Message of the Campaign?

The message of the campaign is that research is a cancer enemy. It seemingly explains that if enough research is conducted, the spread of cancer will be reduced and eventually eliminated. After being done by CRUK, it has been determined that if an awareness campaign is carried out to inform the public on the ways to stay healthy and reduce the spread of cancer, then cancer will not have a place in the UK.

  1. How do We Want the Audience to React to the Campaign?

The general public should be informed that CRUK will fight against cancer effectively. The audience is therefore expected to take information with a lot of care and concern for the eradication of the disease to be a thing of the past. It is expected to allow the campaign team to carry out CRUK with interruption, giving campaigners a conducive environment to spread information on the importance of curbing and ways of preventing or limiting the causes of cancer. A positive reaction towards the campaign is also encouraged for the message to reach the intended people in society. Besides, the audience is also encouraged to help the CRUK founders to run the campaign against the dreaded disease.

Donations are also a sign of a positive response that is expected from the audience. For the campaign to reach all areas and people in UK, the founders are encouraged to come in and donate what they have to boost the organization in carrying out the campaign. Donations from the audience can be in the form of money, vehicles that can be used to transport campaigners, and other related items that can help the organization save lives.

  1. Why Should the Audience Believe the Proposition?

The audience is expected to accept the nature of the proposition, since it is a clear one having objectives that can be achievable. Running the organization and conducting campaigns are based on the information obtained from other regions in the world. For example, a country in South Africa managed to reduce its cancer patients by 70% within a year. Therefore, the audience is encouraged to believe that the proposition will be met and should keep sight by assisting the organization in running the campaign (Anderson, 2011).

  1. What Characteristics of the Brand must the Advertising Reflect?

For the campaign to be able to meet the international standards, as well as fit into the UK’s society, the brand should be responsible, factual, and tangible, meaning that its effects should be felt by people, effective or be able to meet the need of the population for eradicating cancer, essential and have a positive impact.

  1. How the Campaign is Designed to Work

Cancer Research UK has an obvious vision, based on which their advertising campaign is designed to enhance the research image and engage the public through the motto “Together We will Beat Cancer” (Bachman, 2010, p. 11). It illustrates that it is important to structure clear goals at the beginning of the advertising campaign. The latter is not about selling goods and services only, it is informing and persuading. Anderson (2011) has cited that relevancy, originality, and impact are the three main features for effective advertising. CRUK works in a partnership with the community, educating people on different types of cancer, what research does and will do with their help, and how CRUK invests to improve cancer diagnosing and treatments.

  1. The Range of Media Used in the Campaign

The expected media coverage is not limited to any particular type. However, the intended campaign was established to meet the demands of the people in the UK. However, since curbing cancer is also an international campaign, all those who have access to the information are encouraged to benefit from it and are also allowed to take part in CRUK. Donations from all over the world are also highly welcomed through the website that is available online. Therefore, the range of media coverage used is not limited to UK only, due to the cancer campaign is all over the world, and the fight against it is allowed in a free manner.


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