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Healthcare marketing plays an instrumental role in health care organization’s strategic planning. The key marketing elements involved in health care marketing include segmentation, competitive alternatives, marketing goals and measures, and marketing timeline. The element of segmentation involves the identification of a clear market that would help sell health care services. Segmentation helps in a health care organization in strategic planning by helping it identify its market in the large healthcare market. This ensures that it is able to sell its products and services effectively. According to Berkowitz (2010), the element relating to competitive alternatives entails acquiring an in depth understanding of the marketing strategies and alternatives used by competitors and taking effective alternatives that would improve marketability of the products. This assists in effective planning with the aim of gaining a competitor advantage over them. Marketing goals and measures is another key element involved in health care planning. It involves identifying the goals of marketing the products and services of the organization. It facilitates strategic planning within the organization by helping the organization identify its goals and set marketing objectives in relation to the demands of the market. This facilitates the fulfillment of the goals of the organization through the formulation of effective measures to achieve the goals set. Another key element is the market timeline. This strategy helps in the understanding of the timely changes of marketing forces. A health care organization is able to formulate a strategic plan by considering the changes in the forces of demand and supply in the market. With these elements in place, a health care organization is able to engage in strategic planning that would effectively lead to increased profits. For example, most healthcare organizations have effectively utilized these marketing elements to survive and achieve their targets in the market full of competition.

Effective communication is paramount in passing the right message across. This is because it ensures that the information is not distorted but gets to the recipient as sent. Fortenberry (2010) asserts that effective communication eliminates misunderstandings existing among individuals in the organization and society. With effective communication, feedback mechanisms would be efficient hence ensuring that the communication process is complete and the right information is passed onto the intended parties.

The organization of choice is Cambridge University Hospital. It is one of the largest organizations in the United Kingdom and has been effective in offering health care services to citizens. The several ways that Cambridge University Hospital could utilize in marketing its services in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. For instance, it could use social sites, the media, and business journals and newspapers. Thomas (2008) points out that social sites could effectively help Cambridge University Hospital in reaching to a wide range of people. It must be noted that social sites such as facebook and twitter could help the organization to explain its services and products and services to people. These sites are effective for advertising the Organization’s products because of they reach to a large number of people. Advertising through social media would help the organization acquire more customers and increased profitability. The Organization could also market its health care services through newspapers and business journals. Newspapers and business journals are effective means of marketing the products of the organization because they reach to many literate people. They are informative and assist in effectively marketing the products of the organization. More so, Cambridge University College could market its products using media services. Media services such as the radio and television stations could be used in marketing the medical products offered at the hospital. Effective marketing would ensure that Cambridge Hospital University to reach a wide range of people across the globe. It will help in improving the profitability of a business and ensure future survival of the Organization.


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