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Homeostasis is derived from a Greek word that means to stand equally. Homeostasis is a hormonal process whereby the body balances the internal environment in order to ensure all the body parts are working properly and normally. For example, when the body contains excess water there is excretion. The body will excrete according to the levels of excess water, for instance through urination and sweating. As we grow old, the body cell becomes less efficient and is unable to regulate some of these processes. For instance, men or women who are alcoholics and are over 50 years old are likely to suffer from kidney more than teenager or rather the youths. This is because the body cells are no longer able to carry out all the metabolic reactions effectively, and waste products accumulate in the body causing disorders. When this happens, the body develops a condition known as homeostatic imbalance.


Hyperuricemia is believed to be the principal cause of gout. Hyperuricemia is caused by poor and unbalanced diets, genetically inherited genes, or excess salts in the uric acid.  Under excretion of uric acid in the renal artery, is known to be among the factors that influence the development of the swellings. Unhealthy diets and change in lifestyle carry the 12% cause of gout. Consumption of excess alcohol, drinks with high levels of sugars and eating sea foods is the lifestyle that is known to have the risk of contracting gout. Protein, vegetables, vitamin C and coffee reduces the risk of contracting gout due to the reduction of insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormonal substance in the human body that regulates sugar levels whenever they are above the normal range.

Genetically inherited gout contributes to 60% of people suffering from this disorder. Scientists believe that the inherited gout can be easily cured compared to the one that develops in the livelihood. In most cases where gout is cured, is when it is noticed at its early stages. Gout is noticeable at its early stages because, its symptoms have effects on the skin and one can clearly notice the abnormality. When a certain lineage has a problem of inheriting gout, the modern medical facilities are able to stop the inheritance of the disease.

Gout is also caused by the combination of other medical disorders. Diseases such as hypertension, obesity, insulin resistance and among others have been the cause of gout for 75% of people having it. When one is suffering from one of these diseases, the immune system is extremely low, and the risk of contracting gout is extremely high. When someone experiences two or more homeostatic imbalance, the chances of surviving are few.  Male has a higher risk of contracting gout compared to women.

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Like other disorders, gout has also its own signs that can be used to identify the people affected without carrying out medical tests. Fortunately, the symptoms of gout are easily identified since they are exposed on the surface of the skin. Its symptoms occur in four stages. These are acute, asymptomatic, chronic and intercritical. One of the common symptoms is the reddening and swelling of joints and mostly on the big toe. Other joints like the knees, fingers, wrists and heels can some times have the swelling although it is not common. The swelling are painful making it identify the abnormality with the body condition and usually begins during the night when the body temperature is low. Apart from the swellings, high fever and fatigue also occurs in the course of the disorder. This normally occurs when the situation begins to get worse, and if one does not seek medical advice the disease might also cause death to the victim.

Homeostatic control mechanism

Accumulation of excess salts in the blood is the cause of gout. The accumulation is due to kidney impairment or aging. Kidney is responsible for regulating the salts and ions from metabolic water that enter the blood, and converting the impurities to urine that is stored in the gall bladder and later passed through the urethra as urine. When kidney has complications, the salts in the water are not sieved and are passed to the blood containing impurities that cause Hyperuricemia. Statistic indicates that men, especially those who are over 5o years are likely to suffer from gout, since their immune system is not is not as efficient as those of young people. Unfortunately this also happens to women who are past menopause. For instance, they are not able to sieve all the impurities and finally they end up accumulating lots of impurities that bring about disorders.

Effects of the disease

Apart from the symptoms of gout, it is also a dangerous disease that can easily kill. This disease is associated with a lot of pain and the victims always demand pain relievers in order to reduce the pain. Since the disorder affects also the toe, one struggle very much while walking and wounds might develop if one wears shoes especially on a hot day.

Some of this drugs used to relief pain endured by gout patient are addictive and can be lethal if taken for a long time. They can cause anemia, or even damage the bone marrow. This also damages the white blood cell meaning that the body immunity can be destroyed, and there might be a contraction of other infections.

The drugs used to cure gout have severe side effects such as, headaches, stomach pains, frequent urination, loss of appetite and dizziness. Gout patients are easily overpowered by the medication since they have no appetite, and the medicine requires energy in order to fight the disease. Just like cancer, one is likely to lose the hair, and this might be a bit challenging for those who treasure their hair as their beauty.

Medical interventions

Medical specialist has done their best to inventing drugs that can cure or even at least control this lethal disease known as gout. One of the recent discovered drugs for treating gout is cochins. It is derived form a crocus plant and only provides relief incase of attacks. It can also be used as a preventive medication for Hyperuricemia. This medication is only recommended for the first attacks and its common side effect digestive complications.

There is still another known as benemid. This is meant to remove the accumulated uric acid in the body. Although it may not cure, it helps in neutralizing the strength and effects of the disease. Accumulated uric acid in the body causes gout attacks and by removing the acid, this reduces the frequency of experiencing the attacks. Prednisone is also another drug that was invented to reduce gout attacks and it only prescribed for few days due to its toxicity. It can be harmful to the body if taken in large amounts or when taken by people who do not suffer from gout (Watson & Fawcett, 2003). Currently one of the organizations that have been providing gout medication is NSAIDS.


After the first symptoms, one is advised to seek medical help, but if one does not do so, the disease disappears for awhile and is back after 6 days. Most of the people are forced to seek for medical help after the second symptoms which can be too late some times. People suffering from gout have the risk of other diseases such as, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Without treatment, gout may destroy joint surfaces, and painless tophi (Tortora & Derrickson, 2008). Tophi are the crystal formed by the deposition of uric acid. When gout is untreated for five years, there is the development of helix on the ear or even on fingers. Although through aggressive treatment, one can be cured some of these marks will stick forever. Urine of people suffering from gout has a low PH, thus indicating the acidity in the urine due to excess salts in the urine.

Gout is a curable disease that can be cured at the early stages but can be complex to cure after it develops to the other stages. Replacements of a kidney can suite old people whose kidneys have been exhausted. However, the government is still on the search of the medication to cure gout.


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