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Human nature refers to the characteristics that naturally distinguish humans, including ways of acting, feeling and thinking. Amongst the most indispensible and oldest questions in western philosophy, there are the questions of what these characteristics are comprised, their causes and the “fluidity” of human nature. The questions draw particularly significant implications in theology, ethics and politics. It is because human nature can be perceived as a source of norms, imposing constraints on living a virtuous life. Then again, such questions are often addressed when dealing with literature and art. However, the branches of humanities collectively form an imperative domain of inquiry, which is crucial in defining human nature. However, human nature is crucial in explaining human behavior.

It should be noted that human beings are capable to execute various activities. In such a way, they can exhibit diverse characteristics independent of the influence of culture. Some can be incredibly generous and charming, but others can be deceptive, greedy and selfish. On the same note, every individual can portray any of these behaviors in one form or another. Human nature has helped to unveil various mysteries that influence the behavior of human beings. However, it is mindful to note that man is not primarily self-centered by nature. The perception that man is naturally selfish is an individualistic interpretation and portrays man as a naturally solitary creature. It would be pointless to deny that people are selfish at times. However, it is imperative to note that human beings are endowed with the natural ability to act selflessly. It is evident since every individual has the capacity to love. In this way, man is naturally portrayed as a selfless creature. However then, in spite of having the capacity to act selflessly, man can always choose to act selfishly.

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The human ability to rationalize is partly responsible for the selfish nature of most people. Moreover, every individual is endowed with liberty and responsibility to choose their line of action or thought. This way, it would be mindful to assert that most individuals are selfish due to calculated judgment, which is aimed at meeting their personal interests. It should be noted that it is impossible for every member of the society to work for the greater good of the entire family. There will always be individuals, who do not buy in the system. Most individuals often need a motivation to execute a particular task. Most people tend to do things that are bound to bring happiness to them. The ability to rationalize provides an opportunity for one to assess benefits and preferable interests, which he or she is bound to accrue from fulfilling a particular obligation. It is evident that the ability to rationalize provides an edge for one to consider the benefits, which he or she is entitled to obtain from a specific task. This way, the ability to rationalize plays a crucial part in whether people are selfish or not.

It would be mindful to argue that human beings often require motivation to execute a particular obligation. The first question that goes through most people’s minds when asked to perform specific duties is why they should execute the task. Most people often rationalize the task in a bid to draw specific aspects that would serve to motivate them. Usually, the benefits one obtains from the execution of such tasks often serve as motivation. Then, the ability to rationalize provides an opportunity for one to identify the benefits, which he or she is bound to obtain from executing a particular task.

In conclusion, it would be imperative to admit that everyone of us is selfish at times. The world would be a better place, if persons overlooked their selfish interests. However, it is mindful to note that selfishness is not part of human nature, although the ability to rationalize has provided an opportunity for most people to develop this vice.


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