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Medical institutions keep patient’s records in their databases.  This information is easily accessed by the medical practitioners. The accessibility of patients’ information enables the institution to manage and administer their accounts accordingly. Patients’ information is used by the medical specialists to trace their health record (WebMD Privacy Policy, 2012). This enables them to make treatment decisions with relation to patients’ medical history. Increased access to the medical records enables the health institution to comply with laws and regulations of the land. The records are transferred to relevant institution management in case of ownership change, merger, or bankruptcy.

Increased access to medical record helps reduce costs. The administrative and maintenance costs are reduced significantly. In addition, consistency is achieved as far as patients’ information is concerned. Doctors and specialists are able to track certain diseases and drug responsiveness. The easily accessed medical records ensure that patients’ information is available to all sections of the institutions. This enhances convenience in service delivery and treatment. Accuracy is maintained in case a patient has poor memory with regard to his/her medical history.


The increased access to patients’ medical records is a threat to privacy and security. Patients’ privacy is not maintained and this may hinder them from disclosing their medical history. In addition, there are many people who access patients’ information and may be tempted to use it in unethical manner. Patients’ information may reach their employers who might deny them employment or benefits such as promotion, employment and access to various sections in the job environment. Moreover, the exposed medical history may lead to patients’ denial of health insurance. The medical records can easily be misused when accessed by many people. Increased access to medical records presents a great risk of information alteration. This might be done without owner’s authorization. Consequently, the increased access is facilitated by the internet, which might be hacked or infected by a virus.


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