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Health Education plays a very important role in the growth of a social, healthy, psychological, inclusive, and physical environment. The health education had undergone a major change in their approaches towards the enrichment of health among the schools, colleges and in many organizations. These multi dimensional approaches to all the professionals in the society prove to be a well acclaimed one. In this paper we can see some of the issues related to the health care delivery system that some influence on the health education.

1. What impact or influence do the characteristics of the health care delivery system have on the availability of health education services in the United States?

Many feel that the health information technology should be improved to meet the terms of the health education services. The health education services needs to be concurrent with the health information technology to deliver the health care system as a most prominent one.

The use of electronic health records to the health education learners will create lot of awareness to the young peoples. The information of each and every patient must be saved in a separate record for the availability in the future, because much disease arising in everyday and each people must be searching for the similar cases in the past. This information will be surely helpful in the finding out what may caused the disease to the particular patients.

Health care delivery system should provide proper funding to the health education services for their sake of collecting and maintaining the correct information. Without grants and loans to the health education services nothing would be possible.

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Every one should get some reward for their work. The broader aspect of the health education also involves the health care administration. The administration of the health care organization must be standardized across the country. The billing and codes needs to be simplified in many health care industries.

How to treat the disease is very important in health education. For this you need to have the effective research studies to find out the right practices for you. Another part of the health education service is to find out for which disease you need to be get admitted in the hospital and which case need the readmission. Health delivery system has the responsibly of providing these information to the health education providers.

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2. What impact or influence do the characteristics of the health care delivery system have on the health behaviors of the population?

Health care delivery system has some positive changes in the health behaviors of the American population. But it is not in that expected level. Actually in the beginning of the modern health delivery system introduction many expected that this would achieve milestones but it is not the case.

There are some positive and negative alterations in the health behaviors for the last thirty years. On the positive side there is some reduced cases of reporting in the smoking and drinking. The smoking percentage is vastly reduced from 40 percent to the 25 percent. Percentage of people who drinks also reduces drastically from 7% to 4%.

Blood pressure decreases as two thirds of the entire period.

As in the negative side of the health care delivery system, obesity increases drastically from 49% to 68%. The average probability for the mortality rates within this period for the ages from 24 to 74 fell from 9.8% to 8.4%.

These changes defiantly indicate that the mortality rates showing some decrease in these periods. But there is some caution in the future that obesity will surely increase the mortality rates. Obesity increase hypertension and cholesterol. This in turn will surely increases the death rate. The medications and the proper awareness will decrease the death rate. The pay for performance systems, the reward for the physicians and the efficient use of the information technology are the areas of development in the health care delivery system.

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