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Long term care facilities are those facilities that help people who have various medical needs and daily activities. They help people regardless of their age or gender. Long term care facilities mainly cater for those people who are faced with chronic diseases and disabilities and cannot be able to look after themselves over long periods of time. Although long term care is offered to all persons regardless of age, old people or senior citizens are the common people to whom these services are rendered. Long term care can be either formal or informal. Formal long term care can integrate clinical services. Formal long term care services are normally offered by professionals. Informal long term care is normally provided by relatives, friends and people who volunteer (Douglass, 2010).

Long term care facilities provide rehabilitative, curative and ongoing skillful nursing care to patients or people who are in need of activities of daily living. Quality in long term care services may vary from one long term facility to another. Making decisions on long term care is always a hard thing to do. It is however, necessary to make a decision on whether to check in for long term care before a calamity occurs. In most countries, long term care is always funded by the government. Long term care came into being due to the fact that a lot of people are living long. They thus get into an age blanket where they need care and support at all times. Paid long term care is gaining fame due to the fact that modern families are adapting to smaller families (Seith, 1993).

Long Term Care Facility

One example of a long term care facility is the Pleasant Manor Care situated in Niagara. It is a private facility that caters for the elderly or senior citizens. The facility is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to offer quality services or quality long term care services to senior citizens. The facility slots in the best methods, programs, equipment and materials using their financial powers and under government legislation. The facility offers spiritual, health, social and physical needs to the elderly. Pleasant Manor facility is run under some core values e.g. love, accountability, respect for all, being excellent, being communal and lastly, sympathy. All these core values are met through understanding, being susceptible and by showing concern for others. The facility also serves the community by taking part in local and provincial organizations that cater for the elderly (Reid, 1996).

The average age at the facility is between eighty two years and eighty five years. The organization has four main strategic directions from which strategies are formulated to help in steering the facility to growth. The strategies also help the facility to attend to the needs of the community and the constituents. The four strategic directions are: to maximize their growth potential, environmentally responsive communities, intentional workforce planning and leaders in care in Niagara. I will have a look at each of the four strategic directions (Reid, 1996).

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The first strategic plan or direction is to maximize their growth potential. The need here is growth. The facility needs to grow in order to counter the increasing number of senior citizens. As the number of senior citizens increases, so does the need for long term care services increase. The facility thus has to look at this emerging issue. The mechanism used by pleasant manor facility in coming up with this strategic direction is growth. The key objectives here are to expand the program and increase opportunities. Another objective is to expand present services and come up with new programs as new opportunities come up (Henry, 1993).

Strategic direction number two is to enhance environmentally responsive communities. The goal in this strategic direction is to care for the environment. The key objective is to safe guard the environment and to continue to ensure protection, competence and environmental susceptibility of new and existing buildings while preserving affordability and cost effectiveness. The third strategic direction is intentional workforce planning. The mechanisms or ideas that lead to this strategic direction or plan is ensuring that there is an adequate and qualified workforce that is able to cater for the increasing number of senior citizens. The facility seeks to address the issue of limited nurses who can help in facilitating or rendering long term care services. The main objective here is to enhance community strength through ample and premeditated training for all members of staff. Another objective is to build up an intended plan that can attract quality, experienced and professional staff (Ricky, 2010).

The fourth strategic direction is to be the leading long term care provider. Pleasant Manor facility manages one of the biggest compassionate Housing group. They manage roughly 1.4 million dollars yearly. The facility is also suited in a region that enables them to offer on-site and off-site outreach services to the senior people who are in dire need. The facility thus aims to be innovative in order to be the largest home care providers. It also aims at coming up with new ways that attract community support to accomplish sustainability. The key objectives in this strategy are: to ensure that the facility promotes Christianity and Mennonite principles (Reid, 1996).

Another objective is to ensure that their services remain local, boarder and a focused staff that responds to stakeholder needs, concerns and issues through the improvement of performance outcome measurements. The facility also aims in achieving other objectives such as ensuring that the services and programs they offer are progressive and that they are the leading long term and care facility that shows concern and support to area inhabitants and occupants. The facility also aims at ensuring pay gridirons for every member of the staff is current and viable. The last objective of Pleasant Manor long term care facility is to share it success with the larger community (Reid, 1996).

The Pleasant Manor long term care provider has used various tools or ideas to come up with their strategies. Some of the ideas here is needs. They have looked at the needs of the senior citizens and hence they have formulated a strategy that aims at employing qualified staff that caters for the needs of the elderly. They have also looked at emerging issues such as the increasing number of elderly people. They have then formulated a strategy which looks at addressing these emerging issues. Though their core values, they have evaluated strategic plans e.g. the four strategic directions I have looked at. The facility also came up with a strategy that aims at expanding its services. They have thus developed a strategy by analyzing customer demands (Henry, 1993).


Strategy is one of the main or key processes that an organization undertakes to ensure success. Long term care facilities have increased in number due to the rise in numbers of people who need long term care services. The increase in number of long term care facilities has led to competition in the market. Facilities that have good strategic plans are better placed in winning the hearts of many clients. Pleasant Manor care facility is one of the many long term care service provider. It has a clear strategy that has been developed from various factors or mechanisms such as need.


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