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Naturopathy medicine is a system where the process of healing comes through natural means. It is a holistic method where the naturopathic doctors try to diagnose an illness by endeavoring to comprehend the mind, body and spirit of the patient. Such methods like nutrition, herbal medicine and behavior change are often used. Doctors normally use two approaches. The first method depends on the body’s own healing ability, and the second approach encourages lifestyle change. Naturopathic doctors mostly concentrate on preventing the disease rather than treating it by educating people on healthy lifestyles.

A visit to an N.D is just like a visit to any other doctor. The doctor takes a keen look into your life history, diet, stress and can carry out a physical examination. The naturopathic doctor treats your whole body, which requires him to consider a lot before carrying out the treatment. According to Bandura (1997, p 76), the doctor examines a person’s lifestyle and the things that one uses before carrying out the treatment.

Diseases that Respond Well to Naturopathy

It may not be easy to differentiate specific diseases that are subject to naturopathic treatment, since naturopathic doctors carry out several therapies. They treat both acute and chronic conditions ranging from arthritis to asthma. Notably, it may be more suitable for treating chronic illnesses because of its holistic nature. By the year 2009, around 15 states in the USA had accepted to license naturopathic doctors. According to Brannon & Feis (2010, p 114), naturopathic doctors undergo a four-year course in the same discipline. They must also pass a postdoctoral exam to get a license to practice. Naturopathic medicine is used in such states like Alaska, Carlifonia, Connecticut and Hawaii among others.

In conclusion, naturopathic medicine is appropriate for everyone. It employs natural healing methods, which often induce fewer side effects than the artificial methods. In my opinion, it is positive to consult with a naturopathic doctor.


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