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Health is essential to every community. The government needs to enact appropriate legislation to make sure that its citizens receive the quality healthcare. The government needs to ensure that all citizens receive treatment from qualified personnel at affordable costs. In response to this noble duty, the United States government sponsored the Nursing Licensure Nursing bill to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens (Boards of Nursing, 2006). The aim of the bill was to make sure that Americans receive quality healthcare. Authorities wanted to improve access to quality healthcare, and thereby improve the quality of people’s lives. (Kronenfeld, 2004).This bill ensures that every citizen is protected and not exposed to any medical risk.

The enactment of the bill had a remarkable impact to the United States citizens. It has set a time scope for all staff to ensure that employers do not overwork their staff. The aim of this bill is to provide a favorable working environment to ensure that nursing staff provides quality services successfully. It also prepares nurses by sponsoring them, to further their education. The bill ensures that there is a sufficient financial assistance for students wishing to pursue nursing. The aim of this funding was to ensure that medical personnel are readily available in all medical facilities. This benefits the community by ensuring that no one dies because of lack of access to the quality medical care. American Nurses Association, (2006) cautions that preventive services are only possible in circumstances where qualified medical personnel are readily available. In addition to that, the nursing licensure bill of 2006 guides employers on how to relate with their staff, in order to promote excellent services.

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This bill will further benefit people of the nursing fraternity by addressing issues in their working environment. The bill sets out conditions that create a pleasant working atmosphere for the staff and patients as well. Nursing Licensure Nursing bill supports access to quality healthy care by all citizens. This promotes a health society and reduces the cost of accessing curative services. This will have a trickle down impact in the society. The burden of taxation will be minimal meaning that the population will have sufficient disposable income. This development will enhance the society’s economic power, thus and raise their living standards (Gehlert, & Browne, 2011).

There were numerous interested groups associated with this health care bill. The American Nursing Association was a special group that was established to deal with issues relating to the nursing shortage, recruitment, work environment rights and patient wellbeing. This contributed to excellent medical service, which promoted health. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is another notable interest group that represented the plight of old people. It advocated for long term care for the elderly people. It also ensured that old people received relevant medical attention. The body was also concerned with matters of housing, mobility and end life requirements for patients.

The American healthcare association is pursuing Medicare transformation and emergency services to promote health by focusing on ways to improve standards of medical services in the United States. This is aimed at ensuring that all patients receive quality medical services. There are other local interest groups that are concerned with health issues facing the population, such as HIV/AIDS. These groups assist victims in accessing required medical and other services that are vital to HIV victims. For instance, AIDS patients are encouraged to live positively, and taught how to deal with stigmatization and manage stress (Gehlert, & Browne, 2011).

In summary, this bill will have far reaching consequences in the health care sector if enacted properly. It will benefit nurses and ensure that the medical fraternity in general work under a comfortable environment. This bill will also serve the interest of employers by guiding them in the recruitment of their staff. It will assist employers to manage medical centers and rid off unhealthy competition. The citizens are guaranteed of affordable Medicare and protection from poor health services. In conclusion, Nursing Licensure Nursing bill is essential, because it promotes health among citizens (American Nurses Association, 2006).


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