Free «The Management of Eating Disorders and Obesity» Essay Sample

Obesity remains one of the major health concerns in the 21st century. The relationship between other health issues remains a debatable topic too. The question on whether companies should employ obese people has also earned attention. According to the essay under analysis, the premise is that people will realize the seriousness of the health risks it poses on humans yet it is something that is controllable.

This premise serves as evidence of the claim because according to Dr. Toby Cosgrove, over nine percent of health care expenses are as a result of weight related illnesses as compared to those of cigarettes smoking related causes and just like hiring of cigarettes smokers is unacceptable then obsess people should not be hired, as well.

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This is convincing because most illness including respiratory problems like difficulty in breathing, heart diseases, high blood pressure and many others are because of overweight. Weight control is possible through observing and watching what one eats, and doing constant exercise.

This is an inductive argument because the writer argues from man observations, which help him to make a conclusive answer. For instance, the existence of a policy barring the institution from hiring cigarette smokers due to the serious health risks it causes. The fact that obesity poses much more risk of over nine percent compared to cigarette smokers, the fact that many people are more likely to experience obesity than smoking, and the fact that many people are more likely to ignore and think that they can control yet in the real sense it is not the case. Not all these reasons among others make the writer conclude that obsess individuals should be hired.

Thoughtfully, the writer’s argument is inductive and strong. This is because of the reason he has given which proves that obesity is worse than even cigarette smoking, often condemned and almost accepted by many as a bad habit. Furthermore, obesity poses more risks than the cigarette smoking and obesity accounts for more than nine percent of those individuals who smoke cigarettes.


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