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Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection that develops when Mycobacterium tuberculosis germs attack human’s respiratory system, especially the lungs and throat (Gates, 2003). This disease can spread from a person suffering from TB to healthy people through air or sometimes through fomite. A person suffering from TB transmits the Mycobacterium tuberculosis germs to other people when sneezing, coughing, or talking. This essay will consider the transmission of TB by fomite, as well as the transmission of TB through air.

Transmission of Tuberculosis through fomites is a rare case, which happens when infected people share toilet facilities with healthy people (Gates, 2003). Some individuals agree that contaminated objects can infect healthy people, but most people believe that transmission of TB cannot take place through fomites. However, when a person acquires TB through fomites, the symptoms may not be serious (Gates, 2003). Sometimes TB does not infect lungs like it is the case with airborne Tuberculosis.

The most common mode of transmitting the Tuberculosis causing organisms is through air (Gates, 2003). This happens when a person suffering from Tuberculosis sneezes, coughs, or talks around healthy individuals. The healthy people contract Tuberculosis infection once they inhale the bacteria. Primarily, Mycobacterium tuberculosis settles in the human lungs and progresses to various body parts, such as the brain, when left untreated (Gates, 2003). The airborne Tuberculosis bacteria may start multiplying within a short time following infection. The symptoms of people suffering from airborne Tuberculosis may include chest pain, weight loss, weakness, fever, or persistent coughs that last for more than fourteen days (Gates, 2003).

In conclusion, people suffering from Tuberculosis may transmit the TB causing bacteria to healthy people through air or fomites. The airborne Tuberculosis is the most common in human population, and it affects lungs as the primary site. The Tuberculosis that people acquire through fomites, such as infected toilet facilities, is not common and may not affect lungs as the primary site (Gates, 2003).


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