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The University of Rochester Medical Center continues to shine amidst other competing health care service providers. However, the health care center is one of the leading avenues of health in New York. The University hospital is a strong memorial center with quality financial services with respect to their clients and the center itself. In particular, the university hospital engages financial counselors for their clients. Such counselors perform various tasks like, guiding, advising, as well as providing outreach services particularly to patients in need of public benefits. These benefits include Medicaid, Public Aids and Social Security Disability. To further enhance their services, the hospital also provides online network through which respective clients can communicate with the physicians at any time of a need. Furthermore, the public counselors of the hospital mediate between their clients and the benefits provider in perpetuating high class services and the attainment of the best fit benefits for the patients.

Additionally, the university hospital through its management offers equal employment opportunity to all, where applications are restrictively online. This hinders the most prevalent insurgence of corruption as the staffs are recruited on the basis of merit and not fame or nepotism. This aspect gives the hospital the noble opportunity to acquire qualified members of staff guided by merit and the resultant high class services in the dispensation of its mandate. Other than equal offer on staff recruitment process, the hospital center also offers equal opportunity for treatment to the patients. To address this vital component of the clients’ demand, the hospital operates under the policy of charity care. Through this program, the hospital provides health care to people faced with a life threatening emergency health needs but cannot secure public treatment. The hospital relies on its income from the service offered to patients at a subsidized cost. Consequently, the center experiences damn shortages due to the little cash inflow and the extensive cash outflow. As a result, the hospital uses various means of raising funds for sustenance and development including donations from both local and international community (Mance, 1971).

Quality Assurance

The hospital center operates under the auspices of informed principles. Indeed, it is committed to development of mutual trust between it and its esteemed clients and their relations. As a result, the hospital through the University of Rochester undertakes extensive research-based treatment in order to offer safe, patient and family-centered health care through the combination of scientific evidence, specialist clinical evaluations and sincere emphatic health care. This makes the hospital center to remain devoted to progressive advancements as they towards being the best health care provider in the entire country and the region therein.

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Further, this hospital center enhances its service delivery through a collaboration with other global organization that also assists it in the dispensation of its noble mandate. Such organizations include the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services; Joint Commission (JC) as well as the New York State Department of Health. These organizations assist to supervise and report concerning major clinical feat initiatives and medical results. In order to enhance transparency, the university hospital also mounts its progressive records on their official website for the public scrutiny and critics if any (Cohen & Joynt, 2000).

The university hospital also boasts of a well developed marketing network that targets more than two million clients on a global scale. The director of web development and online marketing lady Cathleen Wells is well acquainted with the requisite skills in strategized marketing through the web development. To capture the market, the Highland University Hospital researches and analyzes the market in order to evaluate consumers’ demands for new products within scope of the hospital. This is further enhanced through a well developed operational and marketing plans, new-fangled merchandise line and trademark identity. The hospital boasts of designed products, casing point of purchase product development (Cohen & Joynt, 2000).

The hospital also employs an associate director of communication who is responsible for further development of marketing strategies. Indeed, associate director designs and undertakes customer satisfaction survey which forms a strong bench mark upon which development agendas are formulated. Besides this, the associate director of communication also develops and keeps the lead on the adoption of novel office-wide work practice. This makes office work more convenient and viable. As a result, quality of collateral increases and the market effectiveness appreciates proportionately. Consequently, aggregate expenditure of the institution decreases while the time taken to complete projects effectively is sharply reduced, thus giving sufficient time for the project reporting (Atwater & University of Rochester, 1975).

Marketing Strategies

Other than that, the hospital employs strategic marketing. This is done through the development of both long-term and short-term strategies. Short-term strategies increase sales revenue such as search engine optimization that further increases traffic to stores besides improving web designs and data architecture for effective transmission. This creates a pool of revolving funds through the marketing cycle of the hospital premises. Additionally, the hospital further develops long-term strategies with a view to generating fresh revenue streams. These strategies comprise the main contributors towards the success of the hospital within its field (Research Article, 2008).

Finally, the university hospital extends its services to the community and the staffs in general. In this regard, the hospital has mobile medical services such as fully-equipped dental vans. These vans provide dental care to families and children in particular from the city schools and dare care environments as well as rural settings which could otherwise be fully inaccessible. In addition, the hospital provides special care at the Strong Memorial Hospital for the patients suffering from infections as well as those undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or even cardiac surgery. This denotes a high level of community involvement thus an excellent public relation (Mance, 1971).

In conclusion, The University of Rochester Hospital is a private but outstanding hospital with eminently huge scope of health services, quality treatment that surpasses most of the hospitals in the region and beyond. Additionally, the hospital continues to be eminently outstanding in patients-staffs relationship and self devotedness of its employees. This minimizes aspects of conflict of interests if any. As a result, the hospital continues to boast of high-rated services and general placement. Other than that, the success of the hospital can further be attributed to its professionalized management and control. 


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