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University of Rochester Medical Center (URCS) was developed for the purposes of marrying scientific research, academics and delivery of patient care. According to the experience of Abraham Flexner’s, the University of Rochester was seen to have a great potential of becoming a great medical school (Anderson, 1957).

The headquarters of the University of Rochester Medical Centre is in New York. There are various facilities that are in this institution. Such include the school of nursing and dentistry, the Great Memorial Hospital, school of nursing and Golisano Children’s Hospital among others. This medical centre has various affiliate groups in several states of America. URCS and the healthcare university are together one of the top-tier in health institutions of the US. For this reason, the university has around one hundred and fifty eight buildings. In addition to these, it has over two hundred major academic centers built in various places. Over two thousand people work here at various levels for purpose of serving around 10500 students and a large number of patients.

The patient base of this health institution is enormous. It is the largest health care facility in the northeast America. This institution ranks third in terms of funding from the federal government of the US. Additionally, inpatient and outpatient care receivers are taken care of in strong memorial hospital and other facilities that are under it.

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The clinical activities in this health care facility are intense, however, the resources and personnel of this institution engage in three major activities. These are scientific and medical research, health care provision and innovations to deal with emerging issues. For these reasons this health institution cannot be said to have intense clinical activities. Moreover, some treatment procedures are performed in form of therapies that are done on outpatient basis.

The management and organization structure in the University of Rochester Medical Centre is vertical. The president is the overall head of the institution. The role of the president involves strategic planning and the alignment of the organization’s policy to the government directive. The rank that is immediately below the president is the senior vice presidents. Some of the senior vice presidents are involved in the administration of the whole institution. A good example of such is the administration of finance. Other senior vice presidents are in charge of various institutes and schools (Cohen, 2000).

The mission, the vision and goals of this institution are centered on creating an outreach program for the community around the institution and the whole nation. Additionally, the institution also tries to integrate the aspect of research and treatment. The scientific discoveries are converted into medicine, therapies and test. In order to achieve this, the mission and the vision statement are stated in a way that inspires the employees and the members of the public to participate and share the vision of this institution. This institution works to meet the best standards set by various bodies and the central government. One example of such standards includes the ones set by the federal patient protection and affordable care act.

As seen above, a large number of employees work in this organization. The greatest challenge experienced includes creating a team to work in different levels to achieve set goals. Conflicts in the past occurred due to overlapping of mandates in various teams (Atwater, 1975). This has been solved through drawing of job descriptions for every employee.

This institution has revolutionized Medicare research and volunteered in integrating research and provision of healthcare since its inception. This has been the major strength of this institution. The major weakness of this organization is the source of funding (University of Rochester, 1972).

However, there is a great opportunity in that it can sell its health technology breakthroughs to private caregivers and other institutions abroad. There are no important threats to the existence of this organization.


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