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Urinary tract disorders primarily affect the normal functioning of the human urinary system. The environment of the urinary tract system is always sterile; hence, any bacteria and microorganisms that find their way into the system have a good chance of multiplying and causing infections (Fraser, 2007). Generally, different types and classes of urinary tract disorders exist. They specifically range from those occurring as a result of genetic changes to those occurring due to inflammation of the bladder. According to Fraser (2006), the current annual incidence of urinary tract disorders in the United States stands at approximately 6 million people. In this regard, it is important to understand the common causes and risk factors associated with urinary tract disorders.

First, short term urinary tract disorders may occur due to inflammation of the male/female genitalia, constipation, psychological factors, and increased urine production. In the case of the male, this usually occurs when the prostate gland undergoes inflammation (Eugene, 2002). When this occurs, the affected male victim will start exhibiting signs of infection, which may vary depending on the extent of inflammation. In the case of the female, this may occur when the wall of the urinary or vaginal tract undergoes inflammation (Eugene, 2002). When this happens, physiological changes occur in the affected areas. By virtue of the difference in surface area between the male and female genitalia, the infection spreads faster in females compared to males. On the other hand, constipation may cause temporary obstruction of the urinary tract system leading to an infection.

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Secondly, long term urinary tract disorders may result from physiological factors such as weakness in the whole bladder, blocked urethra, weakness of specific bladder muscles, nerve problems, injuries, overactive muscles of the bladder, and birth defects in the urinary system (Eugene, 2002). The occurrence of weakness may either affect the whole bladder or it may selectively target specific bladder muscles responsible for controlling the flow of urine. This is normally a serious problem that may take several years to heal completely. Blockage of the urethra normally occurs due to the enlargement of the prostate gland (Eugene, 2002). As a result, bacteria and microorganisms multiply faster, which worsens the blockage of the entire system. Over-activity of the bladder muscles may be triggered by many elements and this mainly affects males than females. Certain injuries may affect the urinary system, especially when the point of impact was around the genital area. Birth defects of the urinary system may also occur and these are usually corrected through surgical means.

Thirdly, there are certain risk factors that may increase the chances of an individual suffering from a urinary tract disorder. They include menopause, decreased mobility, during child birth, presence of diabetes mellitus, pelvic surgery, and diuretic medications. In the case of child birth, this usually occurs when the position of the bladder and urethra of the mother is done to allow the baby to come out (Eugene, 2002). Diabetes mellitus may cause nerve damage, which may affect the normal function of the bladder. Additionally, certain diuretic pills administered to increase urine flow may also result in a urinary tract disorder (Eugene, 2002).

Finally, it is important to note that urinary tract disorders normally have a serious psychological impact on affected victims. This is because any discomfort in the urinary system affects one’s ability to remain calm and composed. Depending on the causal factors predisposing an individual to a particular condition, the impact may either be long term or short term. Long term impacts are usually harder to control. Other risk factors may also predispose some individuals to suffer from urinary tract infections. Therefore, as medical professionals struggle to improve the health of the society, urinary tract disorders deserve equal attention.


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