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Concert music is used to refer to the brass band or the concert bands. This music includes brass and certain wooden instruments. It also refers to classical music, which is music with elements of western traditions. Concert music may also refer to the light music. This is close to classical music but it has less serious styles. Concert music emerged in the ninetieth century. However, this type of music can be dated to the sixteenth century. In those olden days, there was a variety of songs, for both old and young. Any song could have become a hit. The songs could move the audience. Occasionally, the crowd could walk to the stage and join to sing in case they knew the song and, they loved it. Concert music is usually very lively and the audience easily joins in during performance.

            Concert songs were usually poetic and such songs were imaginative ones. The rhythm in the songs is spoken, though framed with harmonies and melodies. The performance of concert songs depends mainly on the relationship between the one who is performing, and his audience. In the United States, several concert music styles emerged in the 20th century as the country was maturing. Charles Ives was an American concert music composer. He was very influential in the twentieth century. He also engaged in Orchestral and piano music. He had a unique quality whereby he combined popular tunes with the common hymns. Charles had studied music in Yale, though his father was his first music teacher. He had been taught how to play different musical sounds. He could also use several instruments in his music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was both a composer and a performer of concert music. In the twentieth century, he composed the opera “The Abduction from the Seraglio” which became a hit at that time.

Popular music can simply be defined as music belonging to several styles of music and, belonging to a large popular culture. The music dates back to ninetieth century.  Popular music emerged from the black culture and the folk music. The music started when the US started embracing the European culture. This made the composers to introduce variations in their traditional cultures that existed. The entertainment was also expanding, and music publishing became more popular, defining popular music as a business s well as an art (Jean 62).

            Popular music also expanded with the introduction of the record. Before this, the composers could not write popular music and it was only spread orally. This limited the spread of popular music for a long time. With the invention of the record, this type of music was spread without having to write it down. Although the cylinder was cumbersome, it helped a lot in popularizing this type of music and other types of music, such as country music. Popular music also developed with the emerging “youth culture”. The dances in popular music excited the young and they could go to the affordable clubs to listen and dance. For example, the youth were behind the success of Benny Goodman when he held a concert at Los Angels in the year 1935.

Popular music is normally recorded for commercial purposes. The music composers usually target the youth because they are the ones who enjoy it. The songs are always short and simple, but, they use the recent technology in order to get new variations on the themes that they produce. The music is closely associated with rock style of music. Gershwin is an example of an American pop composer. He was born in 1898 in New York. He composed songs such as La La Lucille, Funny Face and Lady Be Good.


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