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I have never thought that a symphony orchestra would be as interesting as what I witnessed at San Francisco Conservatory of Music held in the recital hall. It was on the 8th of March, 2013. This day will never come out of my mind since it was both: a great help for my course and an entertainment. I have always rated orchestra as the music for the old and idle people but my visit to the conservatory proved that I was wrong. The kind of musicians I saw, there is no doubt to say that they were the professionals in the music sector. This is when I was able to realize that the best music that I should be taking a lot of time practicing, understanding and even listening to is no other than orchestra.

The type of performing media was violin which was played in a very planned and harmonious way, bringing the sweetest part of it. I came to realize that in the violin playing, one must always take a good care in the pacing or the andante. The players did not make any mistake in the rhythm connections and they all seemed to be very keen on the movements of the strings, as they managed the stage very well by facing the audience. I can not forget to mention the wonderful smiles that every musician had in their.

Playing the violin takes a good understanding of the musical codes in a proper way, including the tempo and both allegro, molto and vivace needs to be taken into the highest considerations. The beat of a song is very important because without it the song shall be totally distorted. Having compared what I have always been learning in the class to what I saw in the concert, I came to understand further what Franz Schubert meant. He is among the musicians that I have always liked. The man’s history has been kept for him being a powerful musician, who loved to play the violin.

In addition, I found myself trying to copy what the song conductor was doing and wished that I was the one on the stage. I think under the decent training I can also make a very good bandmaster because I love the part so much. I found the work so interesting because a bandleader is the center of attention and so must be well trained and serious to produce the best.  I loved the start point of the song that they first played; they purely took the audience’s attention by the high but impressing start which I also liked.

Although I really enjoyed the concert, there were some few parts that I could not fully understand due to the distance that was made by the organization of the stage. I could not properly see the people who were sited at the back but I guess their support was felt in the whole hall. Generally, the playing was marvelous and I am looking forward to one more day like that in the life time. I was fully entertained and taught simultaneously. The forms and musical concepts that we have studied like the tempo, meter, texture and style were perfectly portrayed in the second song that the first group played. I did not delay to even learn that their style and rhythm were greatly planned to produce an excellent melody which drove my heart so crazy.


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