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Marshal Bruce Mathers who is also known as Eminem as his stage name, was born on 17th October 1972. Eminem is among the top American rapper having won several awards in his music career. White America was his second single that boosted his music career giving him main recognition in national level. Dating back in his high school years, Eminem used to freestyle but had never gotten the chance to record his music. He began recording his music in the year 1996 with the help of Dr. Dre after confronting several producers who refused him. Since then he has produced several albums with singles hitting internationally. According to his producer, Eminem has sold over 33 million tracks in America alone. Having been raised in a humble background, Eminem has experience all sort of immorality in the hood and as a result, gave him inspiration in song writing.

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Eminem’s “White America” has created many contradictions in expressing the inconsistencies in America with regards with its social structure. In the song, the contradictions are meant to reveal the flaw in the American society disenchants the native and the immigrants into thinking that America is leveled field for capitalist ventures. In other words, the song has raised several issues that affect America’s social stratification. In regards to the lyrics, white America is not racial song, and instead it was meant to enlighten Americans. In his introduction, Eminem begins his lyrics with a contradictory comparison that is emphasized and becomes apparent in the second verse. Additionally, Eminem is white, and for that matter he cannot possibly attack the whites, however, he just point a few ignored issues in America’s social structure.

In his song, Eminem quotes “if I was black, I would've sold half”. By this, he implies that he is lucky to be white; otherwise it would have been harder for him to make it in the industry if he would have been black. Like most people suggest, this song is not sexist or racial, it just describes America’s social structure, and with the aim of bringing consciousness to the harm it causes. Although he struggled to reach to the top, Eminem understands that white Americans are the most privileged race in America. Eminem is a talented rapper, and it is evident that his lyrical content is educative and aims to enlighten the American society. Being his second song, Eminem has been able to capture America attention by writing a song that relates with the issues Americans are facing in their daily lives. Even though the song seem to hold deep and vital message, Eminem uses his lyrical styles in making the song become more lively and killing the monotonous in the song. According to the song writer, in is evident that the song is targeted to white American so as to give some space to black American in America’s social structure. However, the background audience is the blacks who are there to appreciate Eminem for speaking out on their behalf.     

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Still in the first verse, Eminem quotes, “the stripes and the stars for the rights men have died for to protect, the women and men who have broke their necks for the freedom of speech the United States government has sworn to uphold”. By this, he brings out the spirit of unity and patriotism in American society. It is clear that he has used the right style in formatting his lyrics in the song. To begin with, he starts by bringing together the Americans by referring to past experiences and then gives them the message that is meant to solve their differences. The use of a real life example that is directly connected to the songwriter is also strategic in achievement of his purpose and intention. This is because the audience is able to analyze the message through the writer’s personal experiences. This is because the readers are likely to believe in his analysis as he has analyzed them first hand. The choice of subject also plays a major role in passing on his message. This is because it relates to a wide population of the readers. Each listener has something to learn from the literal work. This helps in achievement of the producer’s purpose. He then provides proof of this by incorporating well thought ideas and past facts by issues of similar topics.

In his chorus, Eminem implies that no race should be privileged that the other since Americans are all the same. This is evidently seen when he says that he could be one of America’s kids, and that little Eric looks like him, he continues by saying that Erica loves his music and he even appreciated in the blacks. The song’s message is very important to American people especially the black Americans going though trying experiences. However, his message contradicts general social morality. His thoughts on the issues would be up for rejection by society in general. This implies that it is very important for song writers to present their work to the intended audience. This is important so as to prevent any misjudgments or misunderstandings. This will also ensure that there no any misinterpretation of their intended opinions. Eminem has a great effect on me in the way he makes his analysis. He is keen to deal on facts and not empty assumptions. I am moved on the realization that politics have a great role in the way the entire world perceives the black American. He is able to pass on great teachings to his fans and listeners on making judgments. He notes the importance of basing judgments on factual information. He also talks about the need of giving others opportunities and not always thinking ill about them. However, he is quick to that this does not guarantee that these individuals will always do things the way that we want them to.

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 In reference to the time Eminem wrote the song, it was obvious that the song was inspired by personal experience. In addition to this, referring to Eminem’s tracks, it is clear that Eminem has experience a lot of challenges in his childhood. This has brought more attention to the listeners and his fans while listening to his music. Eminem has always used his hilarious style of rapping in entertaining and educating his listeners, targeting all social classes. By producing white America, it was clear that Eminem is conscious about the issues facing American, and enhanced the need for change in the social structure.

According to Eminem’s styles of rapping, it is clear that he undermines presumed liberty, and inviolability of the white identity. He might be white on the outside but this proves that he has respect for both races and part of him is black. On the last verse, Eminem quotes, “fuck you with the freedom of speech this divided states of embarrassment will allow me to have, fuck you! I'm just kidding' America, you know I love you.”  It is ironical how Eminem condemns America’s social structure, and still claims to love them. Personally, I think Eminem was sincere when he stated that America is the face of democracy of hypocrisy. The issue he keeps on insisting on is the freedom of speech to the black people. They are invisible and are not recognized as Americans yet they died fighting for democracy. Fuck you as quoted in several rhymes are aimed at white America for their selfishness and injustice to the black race.

In verse three, Eminem quotes, “kids flipped when they knew I was produced by Dre, that's all it took, and they were instantly hooked right in, and they connected with me too because I looked like them that's why they put my lyrics up under this microscope.” Eminem tries to kill the misconceptions in American society whereby blacks should only listen to hip-hop, and the whites listen to pop. Eminem understands that he is privileged to be white; however, if it were not for Dre his music would not have been heard in the black society. The collaboration between Eminem and Dre proved to people that the black and whites can work together in bringing change in society. America needs such characters who advocates for change for the good of the society and the nation at large.

Generally, Eminem’s message to individuals around the world is clear. They have to act in a manner that depicts the fact that they are willing to be part of the international society. This will ensure that they are not alienated from the rest of the world. It will also ensure that they are accorded the respect and appreciation that they very much wish to have. This will also enhance their position in society and levels of credibility. While working towards this, he concludes by quoting that he loves America and that he’s just playing. He does this after condemning America for the unfair acts it has shown to the black in the past.

In conclusion, it is clearly evident that “White America” was not only an educative track, but also a song that necessitated the cry for patriotism and nationalism in America.

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