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Music in the American emanates from various aspects. The theme within a song will highly depend on the race, language, sexuality, gender or even the ethnicity of the person performing it. However, all kind of music in the United States will highly depend on the race of a person. Again, the economics status of a singer and their social range tends to bring a separation line among most musicians in the United States. The United States is the central attraction where all kinds of cultures accumulate and come up with new methods of trying to express the culture. The American music enhanced through absorbing in techniques from other countries and incorporating them in their music. In addition, it has also been enhanced by the use of genres and instruments. The hybridizing of the American music has made it impossible to trace the real origin of the music. Foreign aspects got their way into the music through events like outreach events attended by a group of singers or by a single person. The other way is through the formal donors in educational fields (Mendelssohn 2010).

George Whitefield Chadwick is among the best musicians in the United States. He was an American composer together with others namely Edward MacDowell Amy Bach and Horatio Parker. He was of the 19th century and was the representative for the New England School of American composers. He learnt through his elder brother on how to play the piano. He began by playing the piano in his local church and gradually went up to the national level. His music is regarded to have a real American style and very humble. He has produced works, which include operas, poems, quartets, and incidental music. Among his music are also choral anthems and songs. George Whitefield did a great piano work that remains played even after his death. His piano work displays a magic type of artisanship in its rhythm. This piano work entertains a great number of people in the whole American country. George was among the major musicians who have ever emerged in American countries (Shaw 2009).

Amy beach was also a major musician in the American states. She existed between 1867 up to 1944.she was both a composer and a pianist. She composed art music and is the first major female musician in America. She began singing as early as the age of one year. She could sing forty tunes effectively at this age. Her parents helped her in reaching her career in singing. She went for training by her parents whereby she improved her accuracy in this. However, most of Amy's music include of various styles from many other composers. Her work remained to be successful even after her death. Many people across the world get entertainment from her music and buy it in large. It gains admiration because she was the first female composer in American states. Her music remains worthy since it is not racist. It contains themes from various countries that make the people to have passion for it.

Her music is of high quality despite the drawbacks from his husband who never wanted her to move on with her career in music. During her singing, Amy based her themes on the national themes since majority of the Boston dwellers were from Ireland. This makes her music famous even after her death. During the centuries she lived in and after her death, her music was used fie entertainment in various places. The themes within the music captured the attention of many people. Since it was the music of the first female composer, many people in various countries adore it. Her music also has some kind of special creation circumstances that attracts many people too. The large percentage of the American population preferred music with national themes like that of Amy and hence gaining popularity across the nations.

Edward MacDowell holds some best-known piano works that remain to have demand in America. He lived between 1860 and 1908.he composes classical romantic songs during the romantic periods. He was both a composer and a pianist. However, his second pianist work is the one that brought him fame across the American states. Other famous piano works include "sea pieces" and "woodland sketches". He was among the first famous composer ever known in America. Most of his works included piano suites, songs, and piano concertos. Since he held degree in composing, he composed two piano concertos that had a style of their own. His works were of great quality hence great success. Many people for the good theme and rhythm it composes have liked it.

Charles Ives is also an American composer who composed various songs. He composed some religious music, which got ignorance during his lifetime but later gained acknowledgement after his death. People believed that he composed original American songs. He first began music by playing drums in his fathers' band. He later learnt how to play the paino. He composed a number of music that included pianism that has comparison with Europe's music of nowdays. He composes orchestral music and a number of quartets. However, it is the quartets that made him gain fame in America. Through out his music life, he always wanted to uphold the older styles of Europe but this did not take place during the second composition. The composition composed of newer styles of composition like musical quotations and some sort of uncommon phrasing (Leibovitz 2004).

The kind of place he spends most of his time led to this. He adopted the new European styles when he went to a graduate school. During his late days, he began composing some of his best-regarded hits like "holiday symphony". His music pieces incorporated the New England styles. An example of this is "the unanswered question "piece. It borrowed some England styles within it. Its piano sonata style was like that one of England whereby Ives considered that the pictures and rhythm within it made it fantastic when listening.

Jazz music in America is kind of musical style that started in 1920s. It composed of African and European styles in its composition. Jazz was a term used in referring to the Chicago music in early days. Jazz is a kind of music that includes all qualities of music like good interaction with the listener. It differs from other sorts of music because it has "swings" within it. However, the European jazz came with a style that began in France in 1934. Its main instruments are a violin, a double bass, and a guitar. The music came to Europe through some musicians who had borrowed some of the aspects of the music from Africa (Shaw 2009).

Folk music has no known origin. It composes of historical themes from both Africa and Europe. It focuses its themes on the community and this has made it gain popularity among the European countries. It talks of issues like slavery and spiritual world. Workers sung folk songs while doing work and were for motivating people about the hardships of life (Riggs 2008).


Music in America has spread across the minds of many people. Different forms of music have gained popularity depending on its themes. Various people have preferred various kind of music due to the message within it. Among the most prevailed music is jazz and folk music. The music came through various composers who performed with various aims. Among them was Amy, the first female to compose in the American country (Leibovitz 2004).


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