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1) Source Title

Cultures of Popular Music

Cultural Codes

Popular Music in America

Rock Music in American Popular Culture

Pop Music Iconography

Music in Popular Culture

Music and American Culture

2) APA-formatted citation for source

Bennett, A. (2001).  Cultures of Popular Music.New York: Open University Press

Banfield, C. W. (2010). Cultural Codes: making of a black music philosophy: an interpretive history from spiritual hip hop. New York: Scarecrow Press

 Campbell, M. (2008). Popular Music in America: and the beat goes on.New York: Cengage Learning

Cooper, B, et al. & Harney, W (1995). Rock Music

 in American Popular Culture. Retrieved on 29th October 2011


Burris, J. (2011). Magazine Americana: Pop Music Iconography. Retrieved on 29th October 2011


Music Group. (2011). Music in Popular Culture: Uncovering Meaning in the Hip-Hop Genre. Retrieved on 29th October 2011

Marcus, K (2007). History Compass Music and American Culture. Retrieved on 29th October 2011 

3) Source Evaluation

This book presents a comprehensive cultural as well as historical development of post-war popular music genres such as roll ‘n’ roll and psychedelic pop.

Popular culture cannot grow without a proper understanding of values envisioned by those who brought it into reality. Every culture has a belief system behind it and this is what is brought about by this book

Campbell delves into the past and brings to the fore history of American music in a chorological order. In addition, the author gives candid elements of each music

This website provides a lot of information on why Rock music is the best loved in popular American culture and gives reasons as to why. The Authors have gone further and explained the origin of Rock Music and why it will remain the hot bread in American culture.

This website addresses the modern approach concerning pop music and lists the three major icons. It also explains the impact pop music has had on its consumers. It depicts how the music album, artists, cover art and methods of collection unify the American people. 

The source has an in-depth analysis of music giving the reader the much needed awareness on popular culture. It is loaded with photographs and music clips making it interesting for the reader.

The source of this information contains reasons why music has been placed in its cultural and social context. It gives a detailed survey on country music, popular music and classical music and seeks to determine how gender, race, class and ethnicity have an impact on music.

4) Relevance of source to Subtopic

The book provides an understanding of the spread of American popular culture to other countries.

This book is relevant in the study of Black music which is part of the American popular culture.

This source is appropriate because it examines the heritage and diversity of popular music

This website is relevant because it gives the reader an insight of Rock Music like for instance, its origin, taste and why it is loved by most Americans.

The source of this information is relevant to the sub-topic because it explains how music can be used as a source of unification for people coming from diverse backgrounds.

The source of this information is relevant to the subtopic of music because it gives an insight into music and popular culture.

The source of this information is relevant in that it has given a good description of why a certain group of music may prefer some type of music while others do not.

5) 3-5 sentence description of source

The author provides a general preface to important sociological thoughts in globalization as it connects to the cultural dimension of globalization

The author gives a balanced examination of the historical context of development of Black music. Black music is discussed on the fronts; history, education and creative work of the artists.

Traces the roots of American popular music. It examines heritage as well as diversity of popular music. Examines the evolution of music from minstrel show music to rap.

The source of this information is easy to find because the reader can easily access the information on the website without further delay as is sometimes common on some online sources. The information find on the website is also straightforward therefore making it easy for the reader to comprehend. It is also through this source that the reader is able to differentiate Rock music from other types of music.

The source has information that is self explanatory to the reader. The language used is simple, with no jargons mankind it easy for the reader to comprehend information about music. The article is well updated and therefore gives clear information on contemporary music.  

This website is vital because it gives readers the various categories of hip music. The use of pictures and music clips even makes it more interesting. The website can be a good source of information for lovers of hip hop music.  

The information contained on this website is based on research making its contents to be genuine. It also gives information on American culture and its music preferences. Reading the website’s contents makes the readers to become aware of American culture and music.

6) Strengths

The books provides a good understanding of pop culture in a global context

Traces Black music from its African roots to its current state.

Gives a good information pertaining to history of popular music

The Source is relevant because it enables the reader to know that music is not just music and that music is classified into different types. 

The book appreciates the music icons and recognizes their role in the history of music. It is through this source that the reader appreciates that it is not only music that unifies the people but also the music cover and albums.

The use of audio visual music and graphics makes the users to become more interested.

Because the contents of the website are based on research, they prove to be more genuine as opposed to other sources of information.

7) Weaknesses

It is a bit weird to imagine that people can study pop culture academically

Explores Black music only neglecting “white music”

Much of the book focuses on style rather than the individual artist

It doesn’t contain updated information concerning Rock music and therefore it can mislead the reader.

The source of this information has mostly dwelt on the music icons and not the music itself and therefore the reader has to rely on other sources to get full information about music.

The use of obscene pictures on the website can be offending to young music lovers looking for information on this website.

The website has shallow information for a reader who needs in-depth information on music.

8) Analysis of 2+ sources (compare/contrast)


 As with Bennett (2001) Banfield also provides an analysis of the growth of spread of Black music

Like, Banfield the book provides a proper analysis of styles of popular music. However, unlike Banfield, who deal with Black music, the author gives a balanced analysis of all artists

Just like Campbell and Banfield, the websites gives a clear history of Music in American culture and explains why Americans love music.

Just like With Campbell and Banfield, the source has information concerning music but the only difference is that it mostly dwells on music icons instead of the music itself.

Just like in Campbell, Bennet and Banfield, the website has lots of information on music but its difference with the other sources is the use of images in which some are obscene.

The website, just like the other sources of information has information regarding music. However, its contents do not cover only American culture but includes other countries in different parts like in Asia and Africa.










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