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The History and Development of Rock and Roll

Has it roots in the 1940's and 50's but entered the main stream in the 60's

Drew from rhythm and blues country, folk, jazz and classical music

Evolved in to different genres notably soft, heavy metal, hard, glam, progressive and punk rock in the 1970s

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1980s and 90s saw the emergence of new wave, grunge, hardcore punk and alternative rock.

Rock Music Sexuality and Gender

It is taken to be a way of freedom and expression.

It has been criticized for its facilitation of greater sexual freedom (Cunningham, 2005).

This is through expression on different views on gender and sexuality.

Rock Music Race and Class Difference

Rock music is credited for the changes in attitude towards race.

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It opened up of the black American culture to the white audiences.

It is credited for breaking the color barriers as it merged black and white music.

It is viewed as a creation that served to encourage shared experiences and racial cooperation among blacks and white  (Cunningham, 2005).

It is taken to be both a white appropriation of African American music as a well as a black artists reaching out to a white audience.

Aesthetic Values in Rock and Roll Music

Rock music is ranked as a major source of fashion, social attitudes and culture.

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The fashions have been credited for combining different cultural periods and element elements.

It is also a way of expression on the different views on gender and sexuality (Cunningham, 2005).

It has absorbed and introduced western audiences to divergent traditions in music.

Provides an avenue for commercial exploitation of political and social norms

The Sound and Feel of Sound Music in Regard to its Message

The assorted chords and meters, the basic syncopation usually 4/4 are equated to some form of protest (Cunningham, 2005).

Rock music has been usually equated to a kind of cultural imperialism.

It always has a message and most rock songs follow the folk tradition taking the form of songs of protest.

Most make statements that are political on subjects like civil rights, justice, war, and religion e.t.c

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