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A music style can be described as the construct identifying musical sounds as to belong to a specific type of music that can be differentiated from other categories of music. There are various styles of music .This paper describes two very common types of music styles; classical music style and rock music Style.

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Classical music which is also known as a gentle sound of music basically uses a steady rhythm as a key component that highlights its musical motion. The instrument's used in this type of music style produce sounds that are soft in nature thereby emphasizing the downbeat or level 1 in the rhythmic level. A saxophone, piano, an organ and a guitar are commonly used in this style of music, the singer uses neutral vocal mode that creates some sort of soothing feeling. The mood of the song is mostly very strong but not necessarily emotional. Classical music lyrics mainly contain romantic content that soothes or relaxes the listener.

On the other hand rock music originated in the rock and roll era in the 1950's.Rock music relies on un syncopated rhythms in the 4/4 meter and a snare drum back beat that is repetitive on the beats two and four usually accompanied by a guitar, drum and bass. It may contain one or more vocalists who sometimes perform guitar solos however saxophone, keyboard and blue style harmonica are sometimes used when soloing.  The instruments used are usually very loud, the melodies are uncomplicated and harmonious, it uses the edge vocal mode where there is a great amount of metal in the notes. The lyrics are sympathetic especially to its audiences which are usually teenagers; the mood of the song is rebellious and emotional. As seen in the lyrical content or most of this songs a good example being "18 till I die" by Bryan Adams. The content of this song is focused on enjoyment of ones whole life.

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