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The message in these articles is very clear. There is a revolution in the music industry. It is clear that technology has changed the whole industry in terms of marketing, customer preference and the quality of music. Record deals are a thing of the past as all building musicians seem to face the market with a hands-on approach. The internet has provided them with this independence.

There could be a change where the record companies will now demand more from not only the sales but also the tours, merchandising and publishing. This is because they basically invest a lot to bring the musician to this stage. At times the customer will only like a certain single fro the artist and thus to them, the album is not important. This is where the digital sales take’s over. I fill’s this gap as it allows the buyer to buy the single alone. In addition to this, it is much easier as the world is going digital with high speed internet connections in many homes.

The information has helped me realize that the best way to go is the digital way. All the interviewees are professionals with a good knowledge of the market and thus their sentiments about future expectations are very clear; digital sales are taking over from CD sales. It is however important to note that the relevance of record labels has been stressed. They are an important milestone for me to be able to make it in this industry. They will help to nature me and make me a brand thus reaping more profits.

It is also advisable for me to focus on producing albums and more preferably audio/visual albums as this is believed to be the future trend. Since it is projected that fast internet will be availed to many homes, digital sales will be my main focus.

After reading the article, a few questions arise. In as much as the sentiments given can be reliable due to the nature of the people interviewed, one can’t help asking themselves a few questions, is an artist who has been signed by a label better off that the one who will personally sell their music on line? Another question is whether musicians will be protected from piracy on the internet and how.

The first expert to review is Jeff Leeds. In his article, he takes the issue head on. He views the outcome in two ways. The record companies should maintain CD sales at the level they are at, and then they can add internet sales for example through apple to the total sales. This, he believes, will be an extra avenue for sales. To him, the firms will survive. This is also possible because as people purchase singles on the internet, they tend to develop and grow their taste for music. They could as well end up buying the whole album then. I believe that he has given by far the best analysis of the future in this industry.

The second expert is the Danny Goldberg, who is the Chairman and CEO of Artemis Records. He gives a very good example of a sales strategy that he believes has worked and will continue to grow in the near future. The strategy involves packaging the CD with a t-shirt. He also believes that a hybrid disc-with a DVD and CD incorporated-will be an instant hit. He looks at the prices of video production as going down with the lowered prices of cameras and camcorders. His advices that the way forward would be to produce an audio/visual album to capture the customer’s interest. In essence, it is clear from him that for an upcoming musicianthat it all narrows down to the sales strategy.


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