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Social History

 Jake is a 27-year-old male and is the only child his maternal grandmother currently resides with. His parents divorced when he was seven years old, and Jake decided to move with his father to Arizona. However, Jakes’ father’s lawlessness put him at a risk of arrest. He decided to go to exile accompanied by his eleven-year-old son. Jake moved along with his father, irrespective of his father’s exceedingly abusive behavior towards him. They stayed in exile for five years, a period of which Jake never attended school. During these five years, fears of Jake's arrest prevailed, and since his father manipulated him, he never contacted his mother. During his teen years, Jake did not have stable life. This is mainly because he lived in many different places and they were not financially stable. It was after his father’s arrest that Jake reunited with his mother. After the arrest, Jake’s mother remarried. She hired tutors and exceptional schooling, so that she could help her son catch up with his school. Jake had no interest in academics; his interest was to become an actor. Jake made new friends who would later become very attached to him. This influenced Jake to start using alcohol and substance at the age of eighteen years.

Educational History

Jake has never had any interest in academic education. He had a great interest in acting though.  He did not graduate from high school, but only dropped out of school after  the 10th grade.

Vocational History

 Jake is never able to keep any job for long. He holds a job for only a few months  and then quit. He has held jobs as waiters and bartenders. He also played in two commercials, and few print ads.


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