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The meeting carried out to decide on where the drama club would go for a trip was effective and successful. The meeting achieved its purpose as members present came up with a relevant decision. This was possible due to a well planned and run meeting which was held at college theatre. I planned the meeting at the start of the semester as it was a norm for the drama club to go on one or more trip(s) during the September semester. The objective of the meeting was to come up with the place which we would visit, at what date, and for how long. By the ending of the meeting the members were supposed to have selected the location to be visited, decided on the date, the time to spend there, and the cost to be incurred.

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First I decided that the meeting was to be held on 10th September at the college drama theater at 4 pm. up to 5 pm. The club hard only 25 members and were all to participate in that meeting. This was after all the classes and thus all the members would be available. The secretary sent the invitation mails to all members of the drama club on 2nd September stating the agenda to be discussed. On the day of the meeting the college theatre was confirmed to be free at the time of the meeting. The secretary called all members and reminded them of about the meeting. As the chairman I called on the meeting at 4.05 pm by first briefing all members of the agenda to be discussed. It was explained how the meeting was to be carried on with each member first writing down their choices of the place to visit. The secretary then read the places with members voting through show of hands. The decision was then to be made on the best three voted places. The decision was to be based on the time available as well as the cost.

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Every member was asked to determine the time which would be needed for the trip. Nearly all the members proposed for a whole weekend starting the trip on Friday and returning on Sunday. Each of the three selected zones were discussed one at time on the basis of the available time and cost to be incurred. After critical evaluation from the treasurer Niagara Falls was the best place due to the low cost, and less time to travel there. The members then were to discuss on how to raise all the needed money. The members decided we use 20 percent of the clubs fund for accommodation with the college offering free transport. The members were to cater for themselves with meals and other requirements. I had to stop the two opposing members that club money was not to be used as they had slowed down the meeting.

In determining the date for the trip each member was given 30 seconds to state and give one reason for his/her choice of date. The secretary then read all the selected dates and the one which got the largest hand votes was chosen. This was to be on October 15th because this was the ideal date before assignments and exams time approached. After reading to the members what was decided, they were given a time of 10 minutes for additional comments or AOB. There been no other issues one member was asked to comment about the meeting. The member concluded that there was a fare decision making and well run meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 5.05 pm.

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