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Tabitha Williams when was girl, grew up in the remote city without the attention and care of her parents who separated when she was only one year old. She was born on December 4, 1970 in Arlington VA, and one year later, the parents separated at a time she needed most the love and care of the two parents. This life without the parents raised more questions than answers in her life, why she had to be abandoned by her own parents and undergo the whole of her child life without parental love and care. She did have neither a brother nor a sister and so lacked someone to play with like many other children in the neighborhood did.

Many children in the neighborhood had their parents who took them for vacation, bought them nice presents from the supermarkets and picked them from school every evening. Many of her peers would occasionally tease her that she had no parents, something that aggravated the emotional feelings. For all of her child life, she lived and was raised in a happy household by her grandmother. This comfort at the grandmother’s place offered her consolation and relatively made her forget the predicament of not having parents closer to her. 

Life with the mother

Tabitha later moved in with her mother when was 14 years old and realized that things were rocky, not working out well as before, because they did not share a special bond having that for the last 14 years, they had not stayed together. It was difficult for them to peacefully and happily cope in a new home environment especially with one whom she felt never cared about her early life. Life was very difficult since the mother had no stable job to earn a living and pay her school fee. For this reason, the girl began working at a restaurant as a waiter after school, to raise money for her school fees and also for their daily upkeep. One evening while performing her normal duties at the restaurant, she met a handsome man who appeared so gentle, generous and caring. He had come to take early dinner and treated her with a lot of respect and honor unlike many other customers until they became friends. The friendship progressed into a strong relationship, dated each other and after two years, they had sex which culminated into pregnancy.

This marked the beginning of grave misfortunes, she had to leave the job due to her condition, and life became so hard as a teen parent and a student without a job and a stable family to turn to. The father of her baby who initially appeared to be kind, loving and caring abandoned her and could not be traced. After getting the first son named John Junior who was born on August 9, 1988, she got pregnant again and bore another son on August 8, 1989 named Joshua. Getting two babies within a span of two years bearing in mind the hard life was never taken kindly with the mother, the life of struggle continued with even more responsibilities of a teen raising two children, which was very demanding and this forced her out of school to take care of them because she had no money to employ a house lady. It became the talk of the society as it has always been whenever a teen gets pregnant before marriage with many rejecting and avoiding any kind of association with her.

After the sons were grown enough, she registered for a General Education Degree program to further her education still with the challenge of raising the collage fees and continued life struggles, getting into relationships one after another without success. She had strong determination to attain the highest education level despite the drawback encounters she experienced along the way. This determination made her join a medical assistant school after successfully completing GED program to learn nursing techniques, a knowledge that earned her jobs as an attendant in several different nursing homes, hospital prison, and outpatient pharmacy, though with difficulty in balancing work and taking care of the children. This nursing knowledge also helped her get skills to raise her children the right way. She also continued in relationships that made her get a third girl child named Jacqulyn on March 26, 1994.

Good Marriage life

  The lady continued working hard and saved from the income she earned from the nursing homes, prison and pharmacy jobs where she worked as an attendant until she bought their first house in a nice neighborhood. Life progressively changed from the normal struggles to fairly comfortable life since she could easily afford to buy her needs and take care of her children including paying her utility bills and a domestic worker who could take care of her three children while she was at work.

In 1997, she got married through a colorful wedding with a loving man in Las Vegas. This was her happiest moment in her life since the wedding was a dream come true for a once a straggling lady who had several disagreements with her mother and had been heart broken by her first lover, for once she got a stable marriage in her life where she would finally live happily despite the bad past. Her mother in law whom they stayed with also brought happiness to her life since they had a good relationship that could be compared to that she experienced when was staying with her grandmother when was below 14 years old.

The mother in law was then diagnosed with cancer, a disease that took away the love and happiness that initially existed in this family. It brought a lot of panic to the family members, due to the cost of medication involved and its terminal nature if not detected early. The family managed to expose her condition until she was included in a high priority donor list in California. In 1997, the family moved from Las Vegas to California in order to provide her with a better chance to receive adequate medication funded by the donors. Her condition required radiotherapy every two weeks followed by chemotherapy, which is very expensive and could not be met by the family that was just emerging from economic struggles. The relocation was successful but was initially mired with the challenges of adapting to a new environment without the original friends and some family members.

Life in California

To give full attention to my mother in law, Tabitha had to transfer from her working station at pharmaceutical company back East to the west coast division branch which was closer to where we had just relocated to. This was rather a hard decision to make because it meant losing all the friends at work place and to make new friends in west coast division.  They rented a 3 bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood. Life here was really good despite the condition of the grandmother, despite Tabitha having a very busy schedule that was ranging from the daily household tasks, pressure at work place, taking care of kids to ensuring that all the hospital appointments for my mother-in-law are well attended. She had to balance all these duties which was however very challenging.

Demise of the mother in law

Despite the straggle and close attention the family accorded to mother in law, she passed on in year 2000 at Tabitha’s sight due to internal bleeding. This was a traumatizing experience having that they had a close relationship with special attachment and was her first time to see someone helplessly struggle for her last breath, they had given her their all to ensure she gets better. She gave her an honorable send off in a very remorseful burial ceremony five days after her death. The children could not accept the fact that their grandmother whom they loved very much was no more. It was tough to convince and explain to them that she had completely gone. Tabitha and the husband decided to continue staying in California so that she could keep her job at pharmaceutical west division and to avoid interrupting the schooling of the children who had got used to the new school environment. The original intention was to go for treatment and return to the East Coast after the mother in law gets better. This was a great loss, especially the sacrifice they had made to move from our own house.

Restaurant business

My husband always had a passion for cooking. He decided to open a restaurant in 2001 that offered full service American food that included;  Collard greens, Bowl of chili, Grilled cheese, Chicken pot pie, Steamed Maine lobster, Mashed potatoes, Chimichanga, Mac & cheese, Southern fried chicken, Chocolate chip cookies, Texas BBQ beef brisket, Shrimp cocktail Turkey and dressing among others dishes (Gwen, 2009). At this time, she still worked for the pharmaceutical company as the husband solely managed the business. Three years later, the business had fully picked and she had to reduce her hours at the pharmaceutical to part time, to be able to support in the management and operations of the business which was earning good income.

A year later she had to resign from the pharmaceutical, based on the increased business volume. There were very many customers to attend to on a daily basis with a very promising future. In 2002, they had collected enough money to help them buy a house, life was really pleasant with the two boys one 14 and another 13 years respectively doing well at school. Both had graduated from high school and went to college where they currently have 1 year remaining to finish. Daughter is equally doing well, currently being a senior in high school in a good school where the family comfortably manages to pay their school fees. This was another dream come true, different from Tabitha’s earlier life. She had promised herself to work harder to give her children good education without them working to support their schooling as it were during her teenage schooling life. Seeing her children happy without lacking a thing and having their parents around gives her satisfaction and joy and being careful not to deny then the parental love that she never experienced when was a child.

The family also has two small dogs that they are crazy about and are part of their livelihood. John and Joshua walk them around the neighborhood every evening whenever they are on holiday. Apart from this, they also have great neighbors who are very friendly, supportive in a clean and secure environment. Tabitha has a very successful and great marriage with a loving and understanding husband, working hard to give a good future to their three kids. The restaurant business is still doing well with very steady income enough to sustain the family and have surplus for savings.

After making enough money from her husband’s business, she went back to class to take real estate lessons to help her have a wider knowledge in real estate management. She later obtained a license to sell cars, pharmacy tech license and started her own businesses in pharmacy using the medical assistant certificate she obtained from the medical school. The two businesses did well and earned a lot of money with increased business volume that forced them to employ attendants for the two businesses. The work volume made Tabitha hesitant for her husband’s business venture to fully manage the other two.

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 She however realized that she lacked strong management skills to efficiently manage the two businesses thus decided to attend University of Phoenix in 2008 for a business management course, with need to expand her business knowledge and to accomplish what she did not get to do early in life because of kids and marriage. She initially started by being a full time campus student for 3 years, then switched to online program due to a schedule mix up, but turned to enjoy the online freedom, and decided to remain an online student. This online program gave her a chance to attend to her family, the businesses and study concurrently. The campus life was very challenging with a lot of assignments and term papers that were to be submitted with strict deadlines. She was determined to achieve her goal of becoming a specialist. Three years later she graduated from the university equipped with management skills ready to take their business into a higher level. This life experience has shaped her to be a very mild mannered, thankful and humble person with a rich history to tell.

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Tabitha’s life started on a low end and went through very traumatizing experiences, like lacking the love of parents, inadequate school fees and being rejected by the boyfriend after getting the first son. However, she never lost focus of the educational achievements she wanted to attain and raise up her children well without lacking school fees. Currently the restaurant business has grown to a full service restaurant offering explicitly American food, and the car and pharmacy business very stable. Currently, life is really good having a strong economic power and friendly atmosphere where love and care for one another reign. Tabitha is truly grateful for all her life experiences, and proud of their accomplishments that include having a happy marriage, taking the children to the best schools, achieving educational qualifications, gaining strong economic power through the restaurant, car and pharmacy businesses and living in a good neighborhood with friendly and caring neighbors.


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