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Education and Business Development

Working in the police army has enabled me to apply a lot of the report writing skills that I learnt while I was at school. Currently I am a dynamic Force Modernization Operation Non Commission Officer whereby I exercise my powers as a leader to make decision in the place of work.

The training courses that I attended included Mobile Retention Course, AIT Platoon Sergeant Course,  Battle Staff, Ft. Lewis WA, EOL, Equal Opportunity Leader, Ft. Lewis WA, COR, Contract Officer Representative Course, Alsad Iraq, ANCOC PHASE II MOS 92A40 course, Ft. Lee Va, ANCOC PHASE I Advance Leadership, Camp Williams Utah, BNCOC PHASE II MOS 92A30 course, Camp Park Ca, BNCOC PHASE I Basic Leadership, Camp Williams Utah, PLDC Ansbuch Germany, AIT MOS 92A10 Material & Accounting Specialist Ft. Lee VA, ULLS, Unit Level Logistic System training, Fuerth Germany, DS4, Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System Training, Fuerth Germany, SAMS-1, Unit Level Standard Army Maintenance System Training, Fuerth Germany, SAMS-2, Battalion Level Standard Army Maintenance System Training, Fuerth Germany, SARSS, Standard Army Retail Supply System training, Fuerth Germany, SPBS, Standard Property Book System training, Fuerth Germany, M1A1 Tank Abrahams techniques Camp Johnson MI and lastly M2 Bradley Maintenance and Repair techniques Ft. Irwin Ca.

Decoration and Awards

Having attained the above trainings in Germany, I was able to receive the following decorations and awards as an appreciation of the good work that I had attained while at the institutions. The following awards were received which includes Metorious service medal, Army Accommodation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Ribbon and lastly Global war on Terrorism ribbon.

Business History

Between the years 1994 up to 2001, I worked as a heavy wheeled mechanic. Being in this position I was expected to repair both heavy and light mechanical equipments. I was also expected to maintain the equipments and put all the information in books as an evidence of the work done. The position helped me to get enough experience in handling any mechanical problem that existed in the place of work. Some of the responsibilities that I got introduced to while working as a heavy wheeled mechanic  included maintaining the engines, clutches, transmissions, differentials, steering assemblies, transfer cases and hydraulic cylinders. In all these responsibilities, I was entitled to use reporting skills to put into records the work that I was doing at the place of work. Apart from the above responsibilities, I also did repairs of components by replacing valves, shafts, gears, bearings, rings, operates wrecker. This also entails the writing final reports to the superiors who needed to keep records of all the work that I had done while at that position. Some other responsibilities also included directing other junior workers in cleaning machine parts, assembling and disassembly of equipments.

Between the years 2002 and 2004, I worked as a material control non commission officer. A non commissioned officer is a military officer who does not rank so highly in the police department. Apart from this, the officer is also not entitled to a commission and usually they receive their positions by being promoted from  a rank that is lower that the previous rank. Mostly, the material control non commission officers are referred to as 'the backbone' as they are the key leaders that make sure the military personnel's are trained. They also ensure that the military missions are executed accordingly (Neocleous, 2004).

Working in this position gave me the opportunity to review stock items and recommend addition when necessary, delete or make any changes in the stock taking and finally obtaining repair parts which met the maintenance needs. Apart from the above responsibilities, I also got engaged in supervising and providing technical guidance to my subordinates. This experience allowed me to have sufficient knowledge in stock taking and writing summary reports which were used by those in the accounting section to write a budget. The tasks also enabled me to effectively coordinate the activities of my subordinates by making sure that they performed their work in a manner that will allow the organization achieve its mission and objectives.

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In the years 2005 to year 2007, I worked as a subsistence non commission officer. Being a subsistence non commission officer, I could not be in a position to receive commission. The responsibility of a subsistence non commission officer included serving as a subsistence NCOIC in  a deployed FORSCOM unit consisting of two multi functional sustainment battalions and one Marine Logistical Group (MLG).  It also entailed providing Class I logistical support for the entire Multi- National Forces- West (MNF-W) area of operation in Iraq.

I was also responsible for providing direction, clarification of policy and guidance to the battalions Class I Action Officers, Ration Break Points and Field Feeding Teams on the proper receiving and storage and issuing of all Class I supplies and Health comfort items. The other responsibility I had while I was in this position was to monitor the stock objectives for all Class I sites within MNF-W-

Being in position entitled me to write police reports on the progress of the sub-ordinates. It enabled me to realize that a police officer's performance is measured by the report that he/ she writes and presents to the authorities. Usually the narrative that is included in a police report is usually used in a persecution or in an investigation process.

Between the years 2008 and 2010 I became an Advance individual Training Platoon Sergeant. Being in this position enabled me to understand the importance of a good police writing report. I realized that a good police report should be easy to understand with flowing details. A good police report also aids in answering who, what, when, how, where and why questions (Bennett and Hess, 2007).


In answering this question, a good police report should be in a position to identify the person who just committed a crime. If much is not known about the person, then the responsible police officer should be in a position to describe the criminal in such a way that it will be helpful for investigations to be carried out.


In writing this report, a police officer is expected to indicate and give details of the incident. He should b in a position to explain what happened in form of a report.


A good police report should indicate the exact time that an incident happened and so being in this position, I was able to do all this.


A good police report is expected to give the explanation as how a crime or an incident happened so as to guide the investigators when they conduct their search.


A good police report indicates in detail where the incident took place.


A good police report should explain the reason as to why a certain incident occurred.

Working as an Advance individual Training Platoon Sergeant, I had to ensure that all the reports I wrote included the above components. In addition to writing reports I had other responsibilities such as training 1400 soldiers on an annual basis with the MOS of 92A. I also worked as an automated logistical specialist whereby I was directly responsible for four platoon sergeant and five squad leaders. Other responsibilities included being responsible for the progressive Soldierization, inculcating the Warrior Ethos, motivation, discipline, physical fitness and training standards and finally being responsible for the accountability of equipment and supplies. I also enforced the compliance of regulatory guidelines and the barracks maintenance.

Currently I am working as a Force Modernization Operation non commission Officer. The responsibilities I have to do right now entails providing prudent adjustments to the existing force while at the same time balancing force structure requirements (manpower and the equipments) within available and planned resources (people, equipment, time and resources). Being in this position, it allowed me to make structure adjustments which are all based on guidance, constraints and the previous leadership decisions.

Working in the different sectors allowed me to note the importance of writing police reports. Firstly, the police reports are written to help those who are in a superior position to know exactly the progress of their sub-ordinates (Hess and Wrobleski, 2006). Usually, it is written to the benefit of all the parties that are involved in a crime incident or not. The police reports have been noted by Blicq, (2003), to protect the rights of individuals, assist the police during the investigations and when they are carrying out the judicial proceedings and lastly it ensures that justice is observed when handling a case.

The experience also allowed me to realize that the police reports not only protects the rights of individuals, but also accounts for credibility in ones case. It can be used as a source of reference when recording statements and passing out judgments by the superior courts (Adams, 2004). Police report writing also aids an individual in cases of an accident. When one is involved in accident, he/she is expected to file a police report so that they can obtain compensation from the insurance company. The police written report will act as an evidence of occurrence of a certain event that needs to be looked into.


Rising up in rank was one of the major accomplishments that I have at the moment. The other accomplishments that I have attained while doing the different jobs include receiving commendable rating during the Brigade Command inspection Program on the company Substance Abuse and Prevention, obtaining an instrumental in teaching, coaching and mentorship of hers soldiers which resulted to three distinguished honor graduates and nine graduates and was selected to work with the Post Sexual Assault Response Coordinator on sensitive cases as a Unit Victim Advocate.

I also superbly managed the receipt, storage and distribution of over 1.6 million cases of bottled water and 1.7 million cases of MREs to Combat Outposts through MNF-W, Spearheaded the movement of over 200,000 cases of operational rations by airlift to the 1st Marines Logistical Group in support of the Al Anbar Province and appointed as the Contracting Officer Representative for two 80 million dollar Oasis Bottle Water Plants, providing over 6million cases of bottle water to MNF-W.

Apart from the above accomplishments, I was also the sergeant of the guard monitors Soldier that performed a guard duty. I supervised Soldiers who in turn ensured that the guard duty performed his functions properly as expected. In addition to this, I also supervised the gate guard and the roaming guards. A was also in charge of the Quarter duty which required I write issues that occurred while I was in duty and writing reports concerning the discrepancies to Staff duty and the roaming guard. The above positions enabled me to effectively apply the police writing skills that I learnt in the trainings that I attended before and while working.


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