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The City of God (2002) is a Brazilian crime drama popularly associated with Fernando Meirelles. The film is not a fiction and is characterized with real issues in the society. The following analysis will look into the film through an in-depth analysis focusing on the planning scene of the movie. It is worth noting that the idea of the film was to bring about the issues affecting the society taking into account the notion that the City of God is supposed to be an environment without any limitations. The film narrates a real story about violence, rivals and the sense of fighting for freedom. Hence the setting of the film was dependent upon the three major factors.

Violence has been used in the film to illustrate the presence of the gang who are involved in dealing with drugs. The scene begins by making the audience feel the sense of violence through a family association. The family of Rocket serves to show how he came to learn about drugs and started dealing in it. Furthermore, the setting serves to show that in order for crime, violence and drug trafficking to grow in the community, its genesis has an origin which is the family. This is the reason as to why the movie uses the association of Rocket and his elder brother to teach us how he was involved in drugs.

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The other aspect illustrated by the film is the need to be free where crime is being used as an aspect for survival. The poor state of the families shown in the movie leads to the film justifying why the young people have to turn to crime so as to cope with the daily living conditions. Crime is also used in the scene to show how several people are being killed so that the gang can have a daily living. Rivalry is another aspect that is being brought up in the film, and this can be seen when a child kills another child.

On the other hand, the film uses innocent characters in the protagonist, Rocket who remains loyal and honest to the City of God. The attitude is seen to show that despite the several challenges including poverty and hard living conditions, there are still characters that are determined to uplift the City of God status. Despite the recurrent challenges, the film seems to illustrate him as someone who stands the test of time. On the other side of courage lie rivalry and which the setting bestows on Li’l Dice who is depicted as a drug dealer bent on killing anyone who is his enemy. The setting uses the aspect of rivalry to explain how Li’l Dice will react when fate overcomes his friend. It is therefore true to state that Li’l Dice is a sociopathic drug dealer who has been used to show the extent of social ills as well as the need for carrying out revenge against his enemies.

The other aspect that the film illustrates is the aspect of the family. The family of the City of God is designed to enjoy relative peace as a result of Ze killing off those who have been causing trouble in the community. There are several dealers in drug in the film which serves to show that despite the several efforts in others like Rocket resisting the ills in the society, the family of God is on a daily basis nurturing talents who continue to indulge in drugs. Corruption is also used to show how the police force has been compromised failing to stop the illicit business.


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