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This assignment is a personal opinion of the essay, “A New Modern Culture” which is written by Felix Wan on June 27, 2011. It reminds me on how the celebrities have taken over the world through their influences. Most Media nowadays have put there focus in this celebrities in order to attract more viewers.

I conquer with the writer when he writes on how the celebrities can influence the society in a positive and negative way. This is true, because when we look at the modern society, especially the young generation, the evidence is everywhere. Young girls and boys do admire the celebrities of their choice and whoever attracts their eyes, is the one they emulate in what they do. For instance, a celebrity who is very handsome or cute and whose task is to assist the society is likely to influence many to get glued in their activities in the media hence wishing to be like them. This is a positive thing to be done to the society and this is what many people would like.

What really bothers me about the writer is the way he describes other celebrities in his essay. For instance Paris Hilton whom he describes as a stupid and unable to think. This kind of words sounds very harsh to such a celebrity who is known by many globally and can end up displaying a bad picture about the celebrity. If it is true with what the writer writes about the celebrity, then it means the entertainment industry won’t allow such a person to appear in their industry because of her negative influence to the society unless it is that industry that never cares about people’s feelings and about the influence she is likely to cause to the society.

Having read the whole article, I think the writer needs to be an example to the society by portraying his writings in a positive way even if certain celebrities seems to irritate him, he should look for ways to pass the message about them in a positive manner rather than using harsh words on them.


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