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The lesson has a clear purpose that the teacher communicates during the presentation. The teacher tells students that the lesson is about equations and pan balances. This statement of purpose enables students to comprehend expectations of the lesson. In addition, the purpose may help the teacher and students to know the objectives of the lesson. The purpose gives the lesson a sense of direction and serves to prepare the class for contents of the lesson. Moreover, it fosters a sense of curiosity among students that will make them more likely to attend the lesson.

The lesson refers to the background knowledge and information previously taught to students. The teacher successfully does this by encouraging students to talk about their experiences. Students take the lead and elaborate on various instances when they used or saw pans. This is when students talk about their experiences in second grade when they measured blocks to determine their weight. The teacher further probes students in order to guide their thinking into the context of the present lesson. For instance, the teacher asks students to clarify the difference between heavy and light.

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Referring to the background knowledge and information is crucial to help students connect to the present lesson. This practice increases the comprehension of students. Students try to comprehend the material the teacher introduces by relating it with the knowledge and information they already have. The general rule is that the teaching process should move from the known to unknown. As a result, the teacher during the current lesson probes into the background knowledge of students using a brainstorming session.

Besides, the lesson has clear delivery methods. There is an indirect instruction and inquiry. During indirect learning the teacher encourages students to think about the possible explanation for the phenomenon under study. For example, the teacher asks Abby to figure out the amount of paper clips that will equal one pattern block. In addition, the teacher extensively uses enquiry to deliver the lesson. Throughout the lesson the teacher engages students in question-and-answer sessions.

The use of indirect instruction and inquiry enables a learner-centered teaching strategy. This is crucial as this strategy takes advantage of interests and curiosity of the students. Students are able to observe, investigate, and draw conclusions. Teacher’s work is to facilitate discussion, mentor it, and become a resource of information. This approach is valuable when teaching complex theories like the present topic of algebra.

The lesson uses different learning styles to make learning easier for different types of students. These include visual, verbal, and logical styles. For instance, in the visual style, learners observe blocks, balls, and marbles in balances. This enables them to think in pictures and create clear mental images needed to retain information. The verbal style involves the teacher and students directly talking to each other. This style is crucial for learners that have well-developed auditory skills. Besides, the logical style enables learners to think conceptually using logics and numerical patterns and, thus, create mental connections. Logical skills are particularly crucial in this lesson about mathematical concepts of algebra.

Lastly, the lesson provides for assessment of students’ understanding. The teacher gives students a group work activity, and goes around checking how they are doing. Besides, the teacher assesses students in different ways throughout the lesson, for instance, using a question-and-answer approach. This assessment is crucial to find out if lesson objectives and purpose are achieved. Assessment also helps create the course of the next lesson.


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