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Thesis Statement: The Dominance of Black people in US sport stems from hidden racismCounter Argument 1: Blacks are physically superior especially while considering their masculinity and femininity. For instance all black sports personalities of black decent have physical advantage, for example in the basketball.Blacks are more resilient than the rest since their determination can be dated back the time they were fighting for freedom from slaveryRefutation: Although blacks are physically superior to the white American, this is not a sufficient explanation of their dominance in sports; there are some whites who have excelled in sports despite their psyche.The dominance of blacks in sporting activities may not fully be attributed to their resilient character but since the end of slave trade, they wanted to earn a living and the only place that proved worthwhile was in sports

Pro: Although there has been physical evidence of how blacks have dominated sporting activities in the US, hidden racism has played a greater part in the explanations; blacks were discriminated from other white collar jobs which required formal education which blacks could not get access to. Therefore they were left with sports as the only option hence excelling very well in the field. Due to the prejudices that blacks received in US, they strived to prove the whites otherwise of their perception of inferiority and they worked very hard to make their point known. Therefore through these efforts, blacks came to dominate the sporting activities in the US.Conclusion: The sporting activities in the US has been for a long time dominated by blacks a fact that has been exacerbated by the hidden racism against them by other ethnic communities.Racism refers to the classification of groups of individuals in accordance to the vague phenotypical characteristics examples being the hair type and skin color. There are examples of beliefs that have stemmed up from this ideology of the race that the white possess a higher intelligence but lower sports skill than the colored people including the black (Coakley 2007). The blacks were also posited to be ranked lower than the whites in terms of intellectuality and spirituality. Morgan, Simpson and Erving are black men of huge physical gifts and all are greatly dedicated to the honing of their remarkable emotional and mental resiliency and their arts under the pressure that they go through. The racial barrier was broken by Jackie Robinson and the blacks were able to dominate the major U.S. sports. Million of the U.S. sports fans, watched the games in arenas and stadiums and also on televisions in the comforts of their homes and the trend of the blacks winning had become so incontrovertible and obvious.

Through the exploration of the perception of the blacks during the sporting events, all people had very clear perception that the blacks have genetic potential and superior skills for the sports when they were compared to the whites. The blacks have the natural ability to carry out the sporting events effectively when compared to the whites and were therefore able to outdo the whites (Coakley 2007). The dominant race ideologies attribute to the success of the ethnic minority athlete to instinctive and innate attributes more often by default discount and ignore the influence of culture and training.The belief that the blacks are privileged in sport is said just to be a strategy to camouflage the social disadvantage of the ethnic minority groups in the United States. The differential assumptions about the motives, intents and abilities of others by race and also the differential actions that follow the assumption has helped the blacks in their dominance in sporting activities. The participants have seen the black's coaches as having limitations in their vision which however has not been open to the black players (Eze 1997). The use of style or the description of undisciplined was used as a rationalization for the non-selection in the teams of black teams. The black people also noted that there were very few people who represented them in the coaching and administration processes. The power base was being held firmly by the white community in the United States and suggested that the blacks were just players. The Americans predetermine the blacks on the factor that they lack the ability to make decisions and sound judgment. The blacks tend to be under-represented in the administration position which necessitate the social interaction, coordinate tasks, group acceptability and the decision making (Eze 1997).The liberating potential of the sporting events which are supposed to offer contemporary consolation from the ideas of racism has now been known to be a sham. It is sad to be a deception. The selectors are under subjective decision making that override the good sense and display the blatant discrimination but still offer logical reasons for not always choosing and selecting the black players especially for the high positions. The racial differences whether cultural or physical have been taken as excuses for the racial discrimination. In history, the scientific findings have been twisted in order to serve the social theories of the supremacists from all over the United States to unequal and separate America (Du Bois 1999).

The blacks describe themselves as having been built for speed with long legs, skinny calves and high waists of which most of the sports require. The blacks have better speed, agility and quickness and clearly basketball, football and baseball require these skills. In reference to racism amongst the sporting event, it has played a great role in making the blacks to be efficient people in the sporting events (Augustinos & Every, 2007). Many sociologists have discovered that the entertainment and ports have been used traditionally by the minorities in trying to fight their way into the mainstream of the Americans and out of their ghettos. Through their experiences during the war, they have gained great experience in the sporting events. The success of the blacks has served to put much focus aspirations on the athletes in their community and this may limit very many young blacks (Augustinos & Every 2007).The blacks have narrower hips and longer limbs which provide longer stride and apparently the black athlete requires less body fat than the white athletes because the average black's lungs are smaller relative to the body weight. Despite all the factors that show that the blacks are far much better in terms of sporting events, the discrimination still persists. In the football matches, the quarterback, centre and the free safety are reserved for the whites only. In the baseball matches, the blacks are only concentrated in the outfields. The benches are reserved for the whites. Examples of the black dominance in the United States include: almost 65% of the National Basketball Association players are known to be blacks. Nearly, almost 42% of the players in the National Football League are black. 19% of the baseball's major leagues in the 1970s were black. The National League's Most Valuable Player award was won by the blacks almost 16 times in 28 seasons. Worse still, the representation in the administration is very poor. As a matter of fact, the blacks have dominated the sports activities in the United States but still are not well represented in the administration of the sporting events.


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