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Service in its fundamental nature can in actual fact be viewed as futile, meaningless or even detrimental. Cooper depicts reflection as the art and the key to getting significance out of any service or experience. reflection is deemed as the process by which service learners reflect seriously and exhaustively about their own experiences. This he says can be achieved through a series of all-inclusive exercises such as writing, speaking listening or even doing a methodical reading about the service experiences. It is important since it entails mixing what we do both in theory and in practice, through what is reflected in our deliberation and activities, observations and interactions with others. Basically it is important because it enables the students to learn from themselves (Cooper, 2010, 1).

Through my entire life, it never dawn on me that at one time I could get my hand on any issues relating to environmental conservation but not until I was involved in one. One of my friends invited me for a convention that was advocating and enlightening the public on the significance of maintaining a clean and sustainable environment, as being part of their company's social accountability. I was supposed to play an activist role in the whole process of educating on the need to ensure the perpetuity of a clean and sustainable environment. Initially I was unenthusiastic toward such campaigns, but then it is through the experience that I later came to learn that I was not only a good native speaker but also I possessed an immense affinity toward the environment.

I literary loved the experience and right now I can not wait to be involved in such another exercise. Armed with my passion, satisfaction and reverence, I can certainly report that the whole exercise was a mere success full of happiness. I realized that learning by experience is a fundamental exercise that helps us to unleash our hidden potential that one can never know of in class, as class work mostly depends on ability. It is through ignorance and lack of relevant knowledge that people continue to destroy the environment, but I hold on to the belief through proper education they can learn to appreciate and conserve it as well. The only hope I hold on to now is that I will be among those advocating for matters appertaining to the environment next time having realized my potential.


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